Our next In Focus interview features By The Booth, the Canadian video design agency that merges driven motion graphics and expertly produced live action creative for the world’s best-known brands, agencies and organizations who value the power of creativity to connect and moves us to feel and act.

Here’s what we asked their team: 

What creative elements go into encompassing the vibes of a season, likein the “Scan Your Coca-Cola, Unlock Summer?”

I think the feeling of a season comes from personal memories and experiences. Being from Canada, we appreciate the summer as it only sticks around for a few months. There is no day wasted inside during the season. Summer means swimming, creating memories at the cottage, drive in movies with the windows down, patio drinks and beach days with friends! 

Translating this vibe was a welcome challenge for the team. We did a great deal of experimentation with the graphic style as well as animation tests to get the vibe just right. Not only were we capturing summer but we were creating this vibe for an iconic brand and needed to design a summer feel unique to Coca-Cola. After the main visual story was established we looked at opportunities to enhance the feeling using custom designed graphic elements representing the summer prizes. Our creative approach for this spot was to use bold shapes and energetic motion that reminded us of summer. We wanted to connect all these moments to feel like one exciting experience so we used the graphic elements to transition from scene to scene creating one long summer day. 

What are the essential elements to having a successful creative team?

Our creative team is unique in that it’s made up of a core internal production, copywriting and creative direction team. For large projects we enhance our foundation with illustrators, designers, animators colourists ect… to add creative expertise. On the production for Coca-Cola our team expanded to include artists from Toronto and Brazil. 

I think our success comes from creating a clear vision as a team before we jump into a production while leaving room for the freedom to experiment with solutions and challenge past decisions as we move through the production.

Who else in Canada is creating work that inspires you?

There are a hand full of big name studios here creating great work but I find my inspiration comes from the dedication and enormous creative power of the freelance artists we work with. We love the work of Pablo Lozano and Arm Sattavorn as well as Emilie Muszczak just to new a few. 

What do these wins mean for you and your team?

This recognition creates a moment for our team to pause, reflect and celebrate what our combined expertise, talent, dedication and energy can accomplish. Creative like this is really a team effort and this is a great moment to celebrate the team work that makes the dream work!