• Why should I register for an account?
    Registering creates an account for you to use throughout the competition. You can use this account to submit entries, check the status of entries, order your awards or update your personal information at anytime.  It will also give you the ability to keep historical information as an entrant, allowing you to easily enter each year.  For more information on how this information is used, please review our Privacy Policy.
  • How do I update my account information?
    You can update your information by visiting your Account Profile.





  • Who are the judges?
    All judges are top advertising and production professionals. Most importantly, all of our judges are members of the Silver Telly Council with an interest in upholding the historical standard of excellence that Telly represents.
  • How many winners are there per category?
    There may be several winners in a certain category or there may be none. Winners are chosen based on the content of their piece; there is not a set number of winners per category. Judges evaluate entries to recognize distinction in creative work-entries do not compete against each other-rather entries are judged against a high standard of merit.
  • Where can I find a list of winners?
    All Silver Winners are listed on our website. Simply click here to view our winners page.
  • Can I get judges’ comments about my piece?
    Currently, we do not release detailed commentary or individual judges scoring for entries. As the Telly Awards is a large contest with over 12,000 annual entries, there are simply too many entries to be able to do that for each entry. However, as we have received many requests for this information, we are working on a program to determine the best way to share our judge’s feedback individually with each entrant.
  • How is The Telly Award Company of The Year awarded?
    The Telly Award Company of The Year is awarded to the company who has enjoyed the greatest success across the competition as a whole (both through entries reviewed by The Telly Award Judging Council and the People’s Telly Award). In order to recognize the award level of each winning piece of work and the relative merits in winning each, a sliding scale of points is awarded to Gold (16), Silver (4) and Bronze (1). The Telly Award Company of the Year is derived from the total number of points achieved across all wins.



  • Can I change the information that I would like to appear on my statuettes and certificates?
    You may have anything you would like, within reason, engraved on your statuettes or printed on your certificates. For statuettes, you are limited to 4 lines with 26 characters per line including spaces.
  • How long does it take to get my awards?
    Each statuette is custom produced. We produce statuettes in the order that orders are received. Typically, statuettes will be shipped to you approximately eight weeks from the date that we receive your order.
  • How can I get duplicate award statuettes?
    When entrants are notified that they have been chosen as winners, they will receive the appropriate codes to purchase their winner packages as well as to order duplicate trophies. Each winner is able to order as many duplicates as they would like for clients, team members or anyone else who participated in the creation of the winning piece. To be sure only Telly winners are able to receive trophies, only your company (the company that entered the winning piece) can order an award. If a client wishes to order duplicate awards they must either order through the entering company or get the appropriate codes from the entering company to access the online store. Please call us at (212) 675-3555 if you have any questions.
  • I won a Telly Award in a prior year, how can I get a new statuette for that award?
    You can purchase prior year awards through the online store. If you do not have the appropriate entry numbers and codes, please email us at info@tellyawards.com and let us know what year and what entry you would like to purchase a statuette for and we will send you the appropriate information. Alternatively you can call us at (212) 675-3555. If your winning piece was prior to the 28th Annual Telly Awards please email or call for the proper order forms.


People’s Telly



  • I’m a winner – where can I find winner resources like badges, press releases, etc
    Congratulations! You can find previous winners resources here 
  • Can I add credits myself?
    Absolutely! Use the email address and password associated with your submission to login and view your entries and credits under the “Completed Orders” tab here: https://tlly.co/login. You’ll be able to update the entry title and or add credits. Please click save after completing..
    We’re here to help. You can add credits and edit the piece title yourself under the “Completed Orders” tab by logging in here with your email and password, but a customer service agent needs to update the winning company or client of a winning piece. Just email or call us and we’ll be happy to make the changes.
    It pulls in the winner’s reel automatically if it has any trouble pulling the original video. In order for us to include your work in our Winner’s Gallery, we need a downloadable version of the file under 300mb (ie: YouTube or download enabled Vimeo link, Dropbox or WeTransfer, etc.) For fastest service, add the info to this form <<https://tlly.co/fixit>> or email it to us and we’ll update within 24 hours.
    Absolutely! Simply provide them with the Confirmation number and Entry ID for the win, and they’ll be able to login and checkout as a guest. You can also log into our store and click the “Send To Client” button in the merchandise list, which emails them the Confirmation number and Entry number. We also send these numbers by regular mail, and they can be found on the original invoice as well. If you do not have them, just let us know.
    Certificates will mention Gold, Silver or Bronze Winner, but no other information is automatically included. You have 4 lines of personalization to use as you wish, as long as it is within the character line limit. Statuettes will accept 26 characters per line, and certificates will accept 30.
    The statuettes will hold 26 characters per line, and the certificates will hold 30. Unfortunately this is a hard stop from our manufacturer. However, you are welcome to use the 4 available lines in any manner that you wish. We do have entrants who split long titles between 2 lines or abbreviate when possible.