What is the name of your organization and what is your area of focus in the film and video space? 

AI in Hollywood focuses on covering news on the growing power and influence of AI in entertainment and art. 

What’s your organization’s origin story? 

Amidst the fast development and uncertainty around AI in entertainment, there is information and news circling around every day, everywhere. And thus we wanted to create a one-stop information hub for entertainment professionals to keep up with how AI is influencing and transforming the industry. We feature opinions from industry leaders, AI-related news, changing regulations, and also introductions to how for industry players to start incorporating AI into their daily workflow.  

What is your organization’s ethos and how does it set you apart from industry competitors?

We aim to keep entertainment professionals informed and updated on the changing landscape of AI technologies. We provide a niche focus on entertainment, art and creative content production, covering various aspects including business, legal, analysis/ opinions etc. The articles are also designed to serve a broader audience with any level of technological background, so the website is also a great entry point to understand AI and its capabilities. 

What articles or issues covered are you most proud of and why?

We closely followed the strikes of WGA and SAG-AFTRA, particularly the negotiation points and deal terms about the use of AI in entertainment productions. The dual strikes are very relevant to Hollywood professionals, and it is a crucial time for us to understand how AI can affect the work of writers and actors. The importance of covering the strikes also lies in the fact that they have led to essential discussions about regulations, copyright, creative authenticity etc

What initiatives are you working on that you’re excited about? 

We have been trying to incorporate a more international perspective and understand how the global entertainment industries react to AI. We were excited to have Dr. Angus Finney, an experienced producer and international entertainment specialist based in the U.K., to be a guest columnist – in his first contribution, he outlined the copyright debates and attitudes in a few established global markets.

What’s one part of the video and television industry you would change and why?

It is perhaps less of a change, but more of a hope. We have seen extreme opinions that either fully reject AI or think that it is going to replace human creators. While there is a lot of unknown that everyone is trying to navigate, the technology and incorporation of AI are already here, and moving forward, it would be crucial to have a balanced view and look at it as a tool that can streamline the creation process while keeping the essence of human creativity.

Where is there opportunity for collaboration or intersection between your community and the Telly community? 

We always want to hear opinions, stories and interactions that entertainment professionals have with AI technologies. 

How can people learn more about what you do?

Check out our website and subscribe to our biweekly newsletter! https://www.aiinhollywood.com/

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Website: https://www.wildsheepcontent.com/