October 19, 2020


Check out this year’s new categories!

New Remote Production, Animation, and Virtual Honors!

The 42nd Annual Telly Awards has officially opened! This year, we are excited to honor the innovative work produced as our industry pivoted and adapted to a changing world across all screens.

Take a look at our new categories for The Telly Awards:

New Remote Production & Virtual Event Categories

Our world was turned upside down, but the moving image community pivoted and adapted to keep the work going. Whether through remote directing, virtual shoots, the use of drop kits, or pivoting from live shoots to animation, we have introduced new categories to honor the innovation brought to the industry. New Remote Production categories across the competition honor those creating new workflows, remote directing, drop kits, and more. 

Often hand in hand with remote production, we have seen inspiring and engaging Virtual Events & Experiences take shape across our browsers and as such, new categories honoring this work have been added!

Use of Stock Footage

In addition to Remote Production, we have introduced a new categories for Use of Stock Footage to honor the creativity of remixing and editing stock footage while live production was on hold. Also, did you know we have just welcomed  Jamie Elden, CRO of Shutterstock to the Telly Awards Judging Council!

Museums & Galleries

While we have been stuck at home, museums and institutions have stepped up to provide us the culture and creative inspiration we need. The new Museums & Galleries category across the competition honors the way in which these institutions brought their creative inspiration to online audiences around the world. 

Expanded D&I and Social Impact Categories

This year, we’ve seen that stories reflecting Diversity & Inclusion and Social Impact continue to be a priority. 2020 has continued to raise attention of injustices and many of you took to video to document, share, inspire, rally, and build community. We are excited to have added serialized categories for both Diversity & Inclusion and Social Impact categories as a way to celebrate and highlight these stories.

Expanded Online and Television Series Honors

In the early days of the pandemic, many of us binged video content and were eager for more. Work was put in development, green lit, and exploded across streaming platforms from Netflix to Quibi. Take a look at new Online and TelevisionSeries categories, including True Crime, Reality, Sci-FiBeauty, Fashion & Lifestyle, and more.

A Refreshed People’s Telly Award

This season we are once again granting the general public the power to rate and support their favorite videos  in The People’s Telly Award. This year, all entries in these categories will be first shortlisted by judges. You can learn more about The People’s Telly Award in our feature!

There’s more! Head over to our entries page to see a full breakdown of our new categories, across Branded Content, Commercials & Marketing, Immersive & Mixed Reality,  Non-Broadcast, Series/Shows/Segments,and Social Video. Don’t forget to enter before the Early Entry Deadline on Friday, December 11th 2020.