Enter The People’s Telly categories. Be Shortlisted by the Judging Council. Have your work shared and voted on by the global public!

Every year, our People’s Telly Award lets the public vote on their favorite video projects to receive a special People’s Telly honor in each category. This year, we’ve added three new “Best of” categories: Best Direction, Best Editing and Best Micro-Budget. All entries will first be reviewed by our Telly Judging Council, and entries shortlisted by judges will then be put on our rating platform for the public vote. The deadline to enter this year’s People’s Telly categories is Friday, March 15th.

1. Get More Eyes on Your Work

Entering The People’s Telly is the perfect way to have your work seen by an international community of video enthusiasts and industry leaders. When your work is placed on our rating platform it is viewed by everyone from leaders at top companies, to other creatives and storytellers (as well as your own networks). All work on the rating platform can be shared and amplified by you and with the support of The Telly Award community.

2. It’s Another Chance to Win

Winning a People’s Telly Award is another chance to win a Telly Award and prove that you make innovative video work and help signal to the rest of the industry that you are at the top of your field.

3. Be Shortlisted by Telly Judges + The Public

Most importantly, if your entries are shortlisted, they will have been given the thumbs up by both our Telly Judging Council, and the general public! This helps give your work even more credentials and more views.

4. New Categories

This year the People’s Telly public voting competition will expand to include Best Micro-Budget, Best Directing, Best Student, and Best Editing. For the first time ever, we’re introducing a “Best in Show”  that reflect budget, quality and craft. We think it’s going to be quite a fun two weeks of voting as a result.

Be sure to enter The People’s Telly Award for the 45th Annual Telly Awards, and check out the rest of our categories for this season here