At a time where we are all figuring out uncharted waters, we have heard from many Telly entrants and judges on how they are keeping production going at a time live shoots have all been halted.

We asked one of them, Casual Films , to share a little insight into ways in which they are keeping communication going for their clients in this new era.

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How to keep communicating

With the current crisis, there are more people on screens at home consuming content than at any other time in history. Of course, they’re hungry for news but they also want to hear from their employers, their suppliers, from the companies that they know and trust. Video remains the best way to communicate with them. This presents a fairly unique challenge for communicators: an unprecedented demand for content matched by unprecedentedly hamstrung production.

Luckily, there are a number of ways that production companies like Casual Films can help:

Say it in Sixty – Casual’s proprietary commissioning platform makes producing quality videos fast and cost effective. The system walks you through a series of targeted questions to clarify what you’re after and then delivers a professionally produced video back to you in a couple of days for a set price.

Podcasts – They’re so popular now because of the way they allow you to reach your audience – wherever they are. Our sound designers work with you to create professionally mastered shows with music and a minimum of fuss.

Virtual events – Using the latest tech, we can remotely capture video chats and virtual round table discussions from anywhere in the world, allowing you to bring your speakers to your audience, wherever they may be.

Once captured, we’ll edit and package the footage. This could be a full version of a round table discussion, or the key takeaway points from a Skype call. We can animate power point slides in time to your presentation, or even bring the content to life through animation.

ReEdits – Ok, so it might not be feasible for us to film on location with you any time soon… but did you know that we hold onto all of the footage we have captured for you previously? This means we’re on standby to create a cost-effective repurposed film whenever you need it.

Find out more about how Casual Films are approaching production and more here.