What was the motivation behind your project Slender Bodies?

Very simple: Prince and Bowie were our heroes. Having them pass so heartbreakingly close to one another, we were looking to make an homage to their legacies through nods to their outfits, worn by fans in everyday situations. It’s a celebration on what they’ve left from a fashion perspective.

How did you balance creating a film that both played homage to Bowie and Prince while retaining an original style?

Prince and Bowie both came from normal places, and despite all their “far-out” inventiveness, they never lost a sense of being oddly down to earth. There are photos of both at the start of their careers hanging around South London or Downtown Minneapolis, and you can see flickers of the stars they would become, but there is this essential connection between their personalities. It was the link we knew we could use to bring them together with an aesthetic to keep the look of the film unified, using their iconic outfits to define their sections within.

What was your greatest challenge when working on this? How did you overcome it?

It’s boring and logistical! A lot of locations means a lot of travelling, and fitting that in a tiny time frame is a nightmare. I’m still not quite sure how we did it, maybe blind perseverance?

You won a Gold Telly this year for Slender Bodies—congratulations! What does this win mean for your team?

It’s amazing. As stated above, you work hard on these things and it’s incredibly nice to be able to thank everyone who helped along the way with a sense that people enjoyed watching what you dragged them around to make! There’s also the feeling that it’s nice to celebrate our heroes in way that’s connected.