• There is a two-year window of eligibility for the Telly competition. Work produced between January 1, 2022 and the entry deadline is eligible.
  • Work must be either in the English Language or Subtitled into the English Language.
  • All work must be accompanied by a video link able to be viewed by judges.
  • Campaign or Series submission must have a minimum of (2) and a maximum of (5) pieces.
  • Work entered must not have appeared on the national feed of one of the five major TV networks (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, or CW), but spots appearing on a local network affiliate are eligible.
  • If you are entering Non-Broadcast film/video productions and non-network TV programs, you may enter the full program, or a 5- to 10-minute clip that is representative of the entire piece.

Acceptable Work:

  • We are open to the following entry types (please see list of Categories for complete listings)

1. Commercials & Marketing

  • Local television commercials (appearing in a single market)
  • Regional television commercials (appearing regionally or in multiple markets)
  • Cable television commercials (appearing on cable TV locally or regionally)
  • Commercial campaigns

2. Non-Broadcast Video

  • Industrial, promotional, or business videos
  • Non-broadcast video or television programs
  • Other video productions
  • Outdoor & environmental

3. Series, Shows, and Segments

  • Series, shows, or segments created for online distribution (including webseries and episodic content)
  • Series, shows, or segments created for television distribution

4. Branded Content

  • Content that is created as a way to promote, and is funded by, a particular brand

5. Social Video

  • Video that is created for distribution through an online social network

6. Immersive & Mixed Reality

  • Work produced in part or solely in immersive and mixed realities (VR, 360, AR and Interactive Video)