December 1, 2020

Five Takeaways From Our Your Stories Defy The Limits Industry Panel

Last week, we hosted a panel featuring Sara Joe Wolansky, Supervising Video Producer at The New Yorker, Anthony Andrews, Co-Founder & Creative Director at We Are Parable, and Noah Rosenberg, Founder of Narratively as a follow up to our first Your Stories Defy The Limits Reel.


Here are five of the biggest takeaways from our conversation:

Careers aren’t linear!

Anthony started by studying psychology, then worked in sales in marketing for about 16 years and now runs We Are Parable, a film exhibition company.

2020 Has Opened The Room

As Noah points out, a positive to the difficult landscape of 2020 is that it allows more people to be “in the room,” allowing creative energy to come into projects from around the world instead of just from the typically centric entertainment hotspots, given that so much work is being done virtually.

This Year has Altered Production As Well

The changes of 2020 have also allowed more creativity and flexibility in production by forcing people to abide by the “not letting perfect be the enemy of the good” rule as Sara Joe points out. Focusing on content rather than barriers, bringing it back to the fundamentals and believing that good stories will prevail has been key during this time.

Knowing Your Purpose is Key

When it comes to being your own boss, purpose is the most important thing. As Anthony tells it, you should be laser focused on why you should be the person people flock to and answering the question, “What is your why?”

Collect Ideas Along The Way

A key part of finding a job in which you fit and want to be is noticing what you enjoy in a current role and collecting ideas along the way, as Noah notes about his time reporting before starting Narratively, where putting story first is the goal that has created their authentic voice.


If you missed it and want to check it out, you can do so here!