October 23, 2018

From The Tellys


And Announcing Telly Company of The Year!


It’s The Telly Awards’ 40th Anniversary, and it’s time to celebrate!

For our 40th season, we are are excited to launch a new suite of categories across Branded Content, Social Video, and Live Video. As well as our inaugural Telly Company of The Year! This accolade will be awarded to the company with the largest body of Telly-winning work, ranked accordingly to reflect Gold, Silver and Bronze honors!

Take a look at our new categories for the Telly’s Anniversary season:

New Categories for Branded Content

Last year’s Branded Content categories were a huge success with winners including Vice, Wall Street Journal and Google—so we decided to expand them!  With the rise of branded content being created across the industry—from independent filmmakers, agencies, brand studios—and in the diversity of work, including long form, short form, and episodic, this year’s Telly Awards feature new Branded Content categories that include:  

  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Live Experiences
  • Series: Documentary
  • Series: Narrative

New Categories for Social Video

Videos are being consumed across social platforms and devices—and it isn’t stopping anytime soon. Last year’s Winners in Social Video took on a journey, from an Emoji Manifesto to a poetic meditation in The Panda is Dancing.

To honor the rapid growth and diversity of Social, our new Social Video categories include:

  • Comedy
  • Political & Campaigns
  • Talkshow/Interview
  • Instructional
  • Health & Wellness


New Live Video Categories

From Facebook Live to Vimeo and Ooyala, the industry’s largest platforms have utilized live to empower creators and producers to share their work and events live, with ease.

With the rise of top quality and accessible distribution, as well as low-cost gear that has high-quality output, live streaming is everywhere.

To honor this breadth of work, this year’s Tellys features a dedicated suite of Live  Videocategories across our media types!

And More!

There’s more! Head over to our entries page to see a full breakdown of our new categories, across Branded Content, Commercials & Marketing, Non-BroadcastSeries/Shows/Segments,and Social Video. Don’t forget to enter before the Early Entry Deadline on Friday, December 7th 2018.