Our new customer service manager, DJ Ryan has the inside scoop on all things Tellys. Some fun facts: she used to do hair and make up on film sets, is obsessed with Kevin Costner, and has two miniature golden doodles. She’s put together a list of the five most important things you need to know ahead of the Telly Awards Final Entry Deadline on February 23rd.

1. Can I enter the same piece in several different categories? 

Many of our entries are entered in multiple categories. You may enter a piece in as many categories as are appropriate for each entry, and your entry will be judged separately for each category entered. Please note that the entry fee is due for each category entered.

2. What if I can’t find a category that fits my piece?

All work is different. If you don’t think there is a specific category suitable for your entry, you can email our customer service team for recommendations. DJ gives recommendations daily, and is happy to review your pieces to help. In the event that you select a category on your own that isn’t quite the right fit, and the judges feel that your entry is more appropriate for a specific category, they will move the entry to the suitable category. You can contact DJ directly for recommendations anytime at customerservice@tellyawards.com.

3. What is the People’s Telly Awards category?

Entries in the People’s Telly Awards category are featured on our custom built rating system for public viewing, during a two-week voting period towards the end of the competition. Using a 5-star rating system, the entire web community has the opportunity to view and rate work to help decide winners. Each year, the People’s Telly averages over 125,000 video views with ratings cast from viewers from across the world!

4. How can I edit my entry? How can I upload a new file for my entry? I chose to send my files. Can I just upload them instead?

If you need to replace an uploaded file, or would like to upload your file instead of mailing it, please contact customerservice@tellyawards.com for assistance.

5. Can I get judge’s comments about my piece?

Currently, we do not release detailed commentary or individual judges scoring for entries. As the Telly Awards is a large contest with over 12,000 annual entries, there are simply too many entries to be able to do that for each entry. However, as we have received many requests for this information, we are working on a program to determine the best way to share our judge’s feedback individually with each entrant.