Can you provide an overview of what the Creator Lab at NAB Show offers to attendees?

The digital revolution is shaking up the landscape of broadcast, media and entertainment. At the forefront of this change lies the booming creator economy, reshaping how content is made, shared and monetized.

The 2024 NAB Show, scheduled April 13-17 (Exhibits April 14-17) at the Las Vegas Convention Center, introduces the Creator Lab, a brand-new initiative catering to both creators and businesses seeking partnerships in this dynamic space. The Lab encompasses all aspects of the creator economy, from creative vision to cutting-edge technology and business strategies.

Get ready for an immersive experience! The Creator Lab offers interactive exhibits, insightful panel discussions, hands-on workshops and networking events. Explore the latest equipment, discover diverse distribution channels and master new monetization techniques – everything creators need to thrive in today’s landscape.


What inspired the creation of the Creator Lab, and how does it align with the overall goals of NAB Show?

The burgeoning creator economy, estimated at $250 billion in 2023, with projections to reach nearly half a trillion by 2027, serves as the primary inspiration behind the creation of NAB Show’s Creator Lab.

This explosive growth reflects the fundamental shift in content creation, distribution and monetization. Recognizing this transformation, NAB Show aims to embrace the evolving media landscape, empower creators and foster connections, showcase cutting-edge technology and navigate the evolving business landscape.

In essence, the Creator Lab aligns perfectly with NAB Show’s overall goals of staying at the forefront of technological advancements and fostering connections within the broadcast, media and entertainment industry. The Lab recognizes the creator economy as a driving force and provides a platform for creators and businesses to navigate and leverage this rapidly developing landscape.


Could you highlight some of the key features or attractions within the Creator Lab that attendees should be excited about?

The Creator Lab is a hands-on area with so many exciting sessions and opportunities. Here are a few we’re really looking forward to:

  • Unleashing the Power of Video with Marc Hustvedt, President of MrBeast YouTube: MrBeast’s president, Marc Hustvedt, discusses the building of a brand and community in this session. Moderator Jim Louderback, editor and publisher of Inside the Creator Economy, will lead Marc on an exploration of the current state of the creator economy, the content strategy behind creating viral sensations, landing lucrative sponsorships, innovative windowing strategies, expanding to traditional TV and diving deep into audience development. You’ll walk away with lessons on how these tactics and strategies apply universally to creators big and small – and traditional media companies, too.The Evolution of The Adam Carolla Show: Explore the dynamic world of video production, content innovation and studio design in an exclusive interview with Chris Laxamana, the co-host and producer of The Adam Carolla Show. Chris will share insights into building an iconic media brand.
  • The Secrets of On-The-Go Creators: TravelJules: This session explores the unique needs of travel filmmakers and storytellers who operate outside of the studio. Juliana Broste, travel and video journalist TravelingJules, will divulge the secrets, techniques and gear stacks for creating exciting content on location by solo creators.
  • Best AI Tools for Creators: Learn about top new tools for everything from ideation to image generation, from capturing special moments to creating landscapes and settings, and analytics. Speaker Dylan Jorgansen, of Curious Productions, will dive in to explore how to best incorporate Ai, what it’s great at and what it can’t do.


How does the Creator Lab cater to both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the content creation industry?

The Creator Lab understands the diverse needs within the creator economy – from both seasoned professionals and newcomers with tailored experiences:

  • Deep-dive workshops and advanced discussions: The Lab offers in-depth sessions on advanced topics like monetization strategies, platform optimization and managing a creator team.
  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders: Opportunities to connect with established creators, brand representatives and technology companies fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Focus on emerging trends: Explore cutting-edge tools and techniques in areas like AI, virtual reality and augmented reality, ensuring professionals remain at the forefront of the evolving landscape.
  • Hands-on workshops: The Lab offers hands-on learning opportunities to explore content creation tools, storytelling techniques and AI workflow.

    By offering a spectrum of experiences, the Creator Lab fosters inclusivity and empowers individuals at all stages of their creative journeys within the ever-expanding creator economy.

 What types of workshops, seminars, or hands-on experiences can attendees expect to participate in at the Creator Lab?

There are over a dozen sessions planned for the Creator Lab. Here are a few highlights:

  • How to Build the Perfect Creator Studio
  • Secrets of Editing the Perfect Video and Audio
  • Empowering Creators: Unveiling the Credentials Revolution in the Creator
  • Economy
  • Best Mobile Studio for Creators
  • Best AI Tools for the Creator’s Workflow

Are there any specific industry trends or technologies that the Creator Lab will focus on showcasing this year?

We’re exploring many aspects of the ever-changing $250 billion creator economy in the Creator Lab. On the business side of things, attendees will learn how agents, intermediaries and brands are working with creators, as well as what legal landmines to watch for. The Creator Lab will also focus on AI, how to build billion-dollar media companies on top of existing and emerging platforms, cloud workflows and more.

Can you discuss any notable guest speakers or industry experts who will be presenting within the Creator Lab program?

  • Marc Hustvedt, President at MrBeast YouTube
    • Marc is a leading executive in the digital entertainment industry and veteran entrepreneur. He is currently President at MrBeast. Most recently he was the CEO of React Media (acquired by Electric Monster), a next generation media company that creates innovative programming for a global audience across both owned and operated and partner channels generating over 300-million views monthly.

Catch Marc in the Expanding the Creator Economy with MrBeast session on Tuesday, April 16 at 10 a.m. in the Creator Lab Theater.

  • Chris Laxamana, Executive Producer at The Adam Carolla Show
    • Chris is a versatile media personality and producer known for his work in podcasting, music and entertainment. He is currently executive producer, showrunner and co-host of The Adam Carolla Show – which holds the Guinness World Record for “most downloaded podcast.” He has also developed and produced over a dozen top-rated shows for comedians and personalities, accumulating hundreds of millions of downloads and topping Billboard and Apple Podcast charts. Outside of his producing and podcasting work, Laxamana is also an accomplished musician.

Chris will speak on Monday, April 15 at noon during The Evolution of the Adam Carolla Show in the Creator Lab Theater.

  • Juliana Broste, Travel Video Journalist at TravelingJules
    • Juliana is a 12X Heartland Emmy Award-winning travel video journalist – a producer, shooter, writer, editor and host for TravelingJules. Jules creates content for tourism boards and brands with signature style and is always up to date on the latest camera tools and trends.

Juliana will share her tips and tricks for mobile content creation on Tuesday, April 16 at noon in her session, The Secrets of On-The-Go Creators: TravelingJules in the Creator Lab Theater.

How does the Creator Lab foster networking opportunities and collaboration among attendees and industry professionals?

The Creator Lab goes beyond simply presenting information. It actively fosters networking opportunities and collaboration among attendees and industry professionals in several ways:

  • Dedicated Networking Events: The Lab provides dedicated networking events, facilitating connections between creators, brands and industry experts.●  Diverse Programming: Sessions and workshops fostering knowledge sharing and inspiring potential partnerships. We’re bringing in hardware and software vendors that cater specifically to the creator economy.
  • Focus on Community Building: The Lab encourages connection through interactive exhibits, hands-on workshops and open forums, allowing attendees to learn from each other and build lasting connections. There is opportunity for brands to meet creators and understand their value.
  • Breaks Down Barriers: The Lab encourages collaboration across the entire media landscape by broadening the definition of broadcasting to encompass new platforms and distribution.
  •  Future-seers: Activities offer creators the ability to see their trajectories into different studio and broadcast opportunities.


Are there any unique partnerships or collaborations that have contributed to the development of the Creator Lab?

We’re very excited to have Blackmagic Designs as the title sponsor of the Creator Lab. Blackmagic Design produces professional-grade video production equipment and software for the feature film, post production and broadcast industries. Blackmagic Design fosters a vibrant community of creators around their products. They’re also committed to pushing the boundaries and offering cutting-edge tools for creators to stay ahead of the curve.

Overall, Blackmagic Design’s title sponsorship signals a commitment to quality, accessibility, and growth within the Creator Lab. This partnership reinforces the vision of a creator economy where professional-grade tools are within reach of everyone, regardless of budget or experience level.

 In what ways do you anticipate the Creator Lab evolving in future editions of NAB Show, and how do you gather feedback to continually enhance the experience for attendees?

Predicting the exact future of the Creator Lab is challenging, but we know it will evolve with the ever-changing creator economy. Here are some ways in which we expect it will grow:

  • We’ll continue to focus on emerging trends. This could include new applications and tools for AI, VR and AR, among others.
  • Our commitment to an immersive and hands-on experience will continue. We want attendees to have direct practice and experiment with the latest tools and techniques.
  • Networking and collaboration will be high priority. From connecting fellow creators to introducing brands and creators, we want the Creator Lab to be a platform for engagement.

We’ll gather feedback from attendees, vendors and will also incorporate research on new trends and technology to identify potential iterations that will ensure the Creator Lab remains a dynamic and relevant resource for creators.