The 44th Annual Telly Awards has officially opened!

We have expanded our category offerings this season to honor talent who truly stand out during a time when the ubiquity of screens brings more clutter than quality into our lives. 

The Telly Awards honors the best of video and television excellence every year, working alongside our Judging Council to showcase breakthrough storytelling and superlative technique. With each new year, our category offerings evolve to best reflect how creators tell innovative stories across platforms, and our theme for this year, Break Through The Static, celebrates the voices who cut through the white noise overtaking our airwaves. 

To spotlight the new ways video is being created in relation to this year’s theme, we have introduced new honors across Virtual Production, CSR, Video Journalism, and Pro Bono work in addition to expanded Documentary and Animation offerings  See our new categories below, ahead of the Early Entry Deadline on December 9th 2022

Brand New Honors for Virtual Production

With the ever-increasing growth of Virtual Production practices on set and in budgets, we’re seeing more ingenuity and seamless integration of the physical and digital than ever before. Our new honors for Virtual Art Direction, Digital Environments, and Use of Motion Capture recognize how essential these crafts are to bringing what was once unimaginable come to life before your eyes with true sophistication and skill.

Brand New Honors for CSR

Never before have the values of a company been so critical to attract and retain talent and customers. Our Corporate Social Responsibility honors recognize the work not always seen on-screen – that which takes accountability and responsibility toward our collective environmental, sociopolitical, and ethical needs in hopes of creating the best culture possible for both industry and society at large.

Brand New Honors for Pro Bono 

With the rise of social consciousness in the corporate world, we have also created new awards for creators who deliver charitable and altruistic generosity via Pro Bono work, honoring those who help to support and elevate causes that best reflect their values while delivering empathy and equality.

Expanded Honors for Documentary and Animation

Alongside this season’s new categories, we’re also expanding our Documentary and Animation honors to highlight the skill and studied craft needed to create compelling and enthralling work in Short Form, Long Form, and Series formats.

Brand New Honors for Video Journalism

As we see the tools of the video journalist becoming more streamlined and unobtrusive with each year, we have created new honors to spotlight the documentation of important stories from around the world. We recognize the hard and sometimes harrowing work these journalists undertake to get as close as possible to their stories in the name of enlightening and educating viewers.


 The Telly Awards honors work across Branded Content, Commercials & Marketing, Immersive & Mixed Reality, Non-Broadcast, Series/Shows/Segments and Social Video. 

Enter your work before The Early Entry Deadline on Friday, December 9th, 2022.