Award shows are a dime a dozen in the world of entertainment and media. They come in various shapes and sizes, each with its own unique focus and criteria for recognizing excellence. However, there’s one award program that stands out from the crowd – The Telly Awards. The Tellys are a different kind of media awards program, and here are seven reasons why:


1) Celebrating Work Across All Screens

The Telly Awards stand out because we recognize excellence across all screens. Whether it’s social media content, branded campaigns, or broadcast television, the Tellys focus on the medium of video itself, not just where and how it’s used. Our unique perspective allows the Tellys to spot trends across various platforms and distribution networks before anyone else.


2) From Regional Excellence to Global Award Show

The Telly Awards began as a celebration of regional broadcast programming but has now grown into a global award show honoring the breadth of video work. The beauty of the Tellys is that we don’t care where you’re from – we welcome superb work made around the world, regardless of language or country of origin. 


3) Multiple Winners or No Winners

Unlike many award shows that have only one winner in each category, the Telly Awards take a different approach. Entries are judged against a standard of excellence, and this means there can be multiple winners in a category or, in some cases, no winners at all. Our approach avoids the “For Your Consideration” campaign aspect and allows both big and small companies to be recognized alongside each other and judged on merit, regardless of who has the bigger budget.


4) Diverse Categories to Stay Current

The Telly Awards are known for having a wide array of diverse submission categories. This isn’t because we want to overwhelm entrants– it’s because we evolve with the industry. Our categories reflect the extreme breadth of different work happening in the video space right now. With each new season, we add new categories or media types as they become relevant and weed out archaic ones. This flexibility allows us to honor people at the forefront of the industry’s current work.


5) We Are Community-Oriented

Winning a Telly Award means you become part of a special community. At the Tellys, we genuinely care about our winners. We feel a huge responsibility to not only celebrate but showcase your work to the larger industry by featuring you in the best light possible in our community events and winner spotlights. We often invite winners to join the judging council, which offers another avenue for networking and mentorship, and to participate in our podcast and video interview series. 


6) Industry Leadership

The Telly Awards are more than just a recognition program: we are thought leaders in the industry. Our team is composed of experienced creatives and production veterans. Before joining the Tellys staff, many of us worked on the exact kinds of projects we honor as producers, directors, programming curators and more. It’s our industry just as much as it is our entrants’. We host conversations about boundary-pushing topics that center on creators. The nature of our work brings us in touch with multiple viewpoints across the industry, and we’re not afraid to address hot topics that affect our industry by bringing diverse perspectives together. 


7) Dedicated Customer Support

The Telly Awards are here to help and support content creators through every step of the process, from entering to winning to celebrating. Our customer service team can offer category recommendations, answer any questions, and are available to assist with any issues. They’re eager to make the entry process as smooth as possible.

In a world where awards are sometimes seen as exclusive and out of reach for many, the Telly Awards stands as a refreshing alternative. If you’re a video creator looking for recognition and community, the Telly Awards are the place to be.


Enter the 45th Annual Telly Awards before April 5th 2024 and let your work lead us Beyond the Frame.