Leaves are falling, the air is crisp. That means one thing: holiday season is quickly approaching!

As a Telly Winner and a creator of the industry’s best video work, there are a lot of people who contributed to your project’s success. Recognizing your team and clients for their hand in your achievement is an important way to show you appreciate their hard work and dedication to excellence. And this holiday season is the perfect time to honor those involved in your Telly win. So, we’re offering to send a customized Telly Statuette and Holiday Card on your behalf to your clients and team.

Available at our Telly Store, the Telly statuette is recognized across the industry as the symbol of video excellence, and is a thoughtful reminder of the boundary-pushing work you created.

Telly Holiday Packages include:  

  • A custom engraved Telly Award, packaged in a sleek, fitted box
  • A full-color holiday card with a personalized message from you
  • Limited edition Telly Award gift wrapping, for a personal touch
  • Guaranteed and fast delivery for the holiday season


Note: Order by November 16th to ensure deliverability by December 3rd.

Visit The Telly Store to learn more about our Holiday packages, and order one today! If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Team at customerservice@tellyawards.com + (212) 675-3555