The Telly Awards serves an international, inspiring, and committed community of creative professionals and companies—large and small. The overwhelming impact of COVID-19 on our industry is evident, wherever we find ourselves in the production cycle—from exhibitors to production companies, freelancers to studio executives. This is a new era for us all and we are all adapting to our new normal day-to-day. 

Like you, all of us here at The Telly Awards are closely monitoring the situation and responding to it with a continued clear mission of deciding to remain open for entries in service to The Telly community and our mission to continue honoring video and television industries across the globe. 

To this end and in close communication with many of you, while we will currently continue to maintain a professional service and  have decided to keep our current schedule (Extended Deadline April 3rd, 2020), we encourage you to reach out to me or our team directly should you need any assistance or extensions and we will work with you collaboratively to ensure this happens.

We fully appreciate how this may be affecting you, your company and your colleagues and we want to be able to work with you in ways that are helpful and respectful of all the work created, produced, and distributed prior to or because of the current situation we are working within.  

Our Telly Awards Judging Council also remains committed to their work and will continue to judge all current entries with little interruption, wherever they may be in the world. In fact, the judges are reviewing more work daily, due in large part to the new reality of working from home so many of us are now facing. 

Lastly but equally importantly, we also remain committed to being an ongoing resource to you and to that end, we will be updating this page (and our social media channels) regularly with new articles, insights and useful information that are pertinent to our industry. Do not hesitate to reach out with any useful resources you come across and we will share with the community at large.

As always, please feel free to reach out to me or our Producer Taylor Griffin and as always, our Customer Service team who are on hand to answer any questions at or (212) 675-3555 and follow us across social channels @tellyawards. 

Wishing you, your colleagues, and families all best wishes,

Sabrina Dridje

Managing Director

Ongoing list of resources / insights / inspiration:

  • Tribeca Film Festival releases a short film a day that can be viewed here
  • Deadline’s ongoing list of halted / delayed productions here.
  • NBC Universal releases new films on streaming services in light of cinema closures, read article here.
  • Our partners and friends at Storyhunter facilitate shoots all over the world by hiring local talent – a great resource for those of you needing to produce global content. 
  • From our entrants FJ in Amsterdam, top 3 ways they are adapting to remote productions.