Hearst Media Production Group Is 2023 Telly Company of the Year

We are thrilled to announce that Hearst Media Production Group has been named the Telly Company of the Year! Each year, this special honor recognizes the organization with the most success in the Annual Telly Awards competition, across Gold, Silver and Bronze. This year,Hearst rose above a record-breaking field of almost 13,000 entries to claim the spot.

This year, the Telly Awards “”Break Through the Static” season featured an increase in work spotlighting social impact and sustainability issues. Hearst’s stand out Equity & Inclusion programming is distinguished by its quality and breadth, and a number of their winning entries featured these issues strongly. From covering American politics on Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien (Gold Winner, News Feature) to ethical animal rescue and rehabilitation in Lucky Dog (Gold Winner, Directing), to highlighting the successes and struggles of former inmates as they launch their first business in Free Enterprise (Gold Winner, Social Responsibility), Hearst is leading the way in creating approachable educational content for all ages.

Since its inception, Hearst Media Production Group’s commitment to excellent educational and informational programming has remained steadfast. As part of one of the oldest American media companies, Hearst Media Production Group carries on an award-winning legacy in journalism, film making and television. Producers of robust blocks of educational and informational programming, they not only provide an important service to broadcasters and networks, but also ensure Television serves as a source of knowledge alongside entertainment.

Here’s a sizzle reel roundup of some of their winning work:


Congratulations again to the entire team!