Spread the Word

Spread the Word
Being selected as a Telly Award Winner presents a great opportunity to create buzz in the media and throughout your industry, bringing you front and center among potential clients and partners.
To help out, you’ll find links below to several tools to help you promote and publicize your win.

» Put a Telly Awards Winner Logo on Your Website

You may email us at info@tellyawards.com for all downloadable images.


» Issue a Press Release

Distribute your own press release touting your achievement as a Telly Winner to garner local or national press.


» Share with your Social Networks

Spread the news on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube with info about your selection as a Telly Award Winner.


» Make your Telly Award win the focus of Your Marketing Efforts

Take out an ad in a local or national newspaper or magazine, or add a Telly Award Winner logo to your collateral you’ll be sending out.


» Brag to Your Favorite Blog

Share the achievement with industry blogs. These online communities are a great way to spread the word and highlight your talents.


» Add to an Email Signature

Have your team highlight their Telly win in their email signatures.


» Enhance your Company and Personal Bios

Adding “Telly Award Winner” to a company or personal bio will do the bragging for you and help prove to potential clients and partners that your work is award winning.


» Thank Your People

Send a special email to your network of colleagues, partners, friends, family and customers to let them know about your win.