About the Council

The Silver Council is a membership based division of the Telly Awards. Members are top advertising and production professionals that have won a Silver Telly in the past, have applied for membership to the council and have been accepted. The judging panel for the Telly Awards will be chosen from our Council Members. Members will be eligible to judge and entrants will able to check out the bios of the judges and see who they are each year.


Benefits of Membership


Members are eligible to be judges for the Telly Awards, a prestigious honor.


Personal Branding

Members can feature their membership as part of bios, on business cards and correspondence. As candidates need special consideration for inclusion, this should be of great value to members.


Participation in Professional Juries

Members can join various panels overseeing the awards competition’s strategic direction, events committees and others. Committees will be formed as needed, and will encompass the following disciplines:


* TV & Cable
* Digital & Streaming
* Non-Broadcast Productions


ยป Note: If you have registered in the past year you will already have an account. Simply login and you will be asked a few questions to complete your council application. If you DO NOT have an account with us please apply now and you may use this account to enter the awards, enter the store or update your profile in the council from now on.