Barry O’Sullivan has worked in the advertising industry for over a decade now. In his current role at BBDO DUBLIN, he manages the digital production and output for BBDO’s many brands, including Mars, VW, RSA, Avonmore, to name a few. O’Sullivan also created and runs the BBDO DUBLIN Demo Lab to demonstrate the latest technology to creatives, and showcase BBDO’s many award-winning interactive experiences to new new clients. His claim to fame in the pub is that he taught the Irish Rugby Team’s Captain how to use Twitter.

1. What video/television piece inspired you recently?

Champions for Change” International Women’s Day tongue-in-cheek campaign from Saatchi NZ, which used snappy short videos to challenge businesses to confront unconscious gender bias in a funny yet thought-provoking, conversational starting, impossible not to share, kind of way. Yeah, I really liked them. Very smart.

2. What is most exciting for you at the moment within your industry?

Doing work that can actually make a difference and has genuine purpose to the society we live in, when back at school, working in advertising was considered selling your soul! Maybe we still are, but at least we’re doing some good along the way. Imagine having to advertise cigarettes today?! *Shudders*

3. What is one thing The Telly Awards community should know about you? 

I appreciate the difficulties and jumping through hoops that ideas must get through to get over-the-line, so I always try to think about what the creatives’ initial vision must have been. I also try to always consider an ad from the consumers’ POV and if it was actually effective and powerful. Rather than just from an adman’s.

4. What is a piece of work you are most proud to have worked on?
RSA (Road Safety Authority)’s Drink Driving VR experience Consequences. I love getting to show friends and family this piece of work on my Oculus Go. Always blows them away to see the type of work I’m doing in advertising, and how the industry has embraced new technologies to try and change behaviors in a positive way.