Joe Lynch is the Group Head of Content & Programming for Electronic Arts. Over the past 20 years, Joe’s career brought him from NBC to China, WWE, OWN, Time Inc., GoPro and finally, EA. He is currently responsible for all competitive gaming production and content. Over the past two years, Joe has expanded EA’s live and feature content offerings, while expanding in-house production capabilities including the EA Broadcast Center. Prior to joining EA, Joe brought Access Hollywood to China, managed digital production for WWE, built the live division of Time Inc., and was the Executive Producer of Lifestyle and Music at GoPro.

Read our Q&A below to get to know Joe!

Has there been a major shift in your work following the emergence of the industry following the height of the pandemic? How so?

Our production workflow has gone through enormous change since March of 2020. Prior to the pandemic, live production required people to gather, use specific equipment and work in a certain way. We had to change, and change quickly. In a matter of days, we were forced to rethink how to produce a live show, remotely, and to the quality and scale that audiences expected. Every day, every rehearsal, every show was a new experience and we were constantly iterating on how we get better and more efficient. 

What is the piece of work that you are most proud to have been part of?

Each piece we create has a special place in my heart. Perhaps The Sims Spark’d is that one that brings me the most pride. This was a project unlike anything Electronic Arts had undertaken. Not only did we have to create a compelling narrative with great characters and aesthetics, but we also had to work through a system that was not designed for this type of work. Our partners on the game development and marketing teams were fantastic teammates that helped work through the process and deliver a fun show. 

What is your creative process like?

Each project is unique. Some begin with a creative spark, others with a problem we are trying to solve. Regardless of where it begins, the process is about open collaboration and a drive to do something better than the last. For me, its about the team. Connecting smart people doing the right things is the key factor to success. We have a direction and goals, then pull in the right people to help create something special. 

What is most exciting for you at the moment within your industry and more distinctly your company?

The most exciting part of what we are doing is that the rules are still being written. Competitive Gaming and esports are in their infancy. Each game, each show, each event brings new challenges and opportunities. The past five years have gone by in an instant with new forms of content emerging every single day. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for gaming entertainment. 

What has winning a Telly Award meant to you and your team?

Winning a Telly has been an amazing honor for our team. To bring a video game to life in this way has been unbelievably gratifying. We were fortunate enough to work on some amazing projects this year.  From Madden to FIFA, Apex Legends and The Sims, we starting with great games and amazing communities that helped bring our shows to life. Our team is only a few years old and recognition from The Telly Awards is validation that we are moving in the right direction.