With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, Andrew Wareham is seen by many as an experienced and trusted mentor. He has been instrumental in shaping the careers of some of Australia’s top producers and directors and has been the driving force behind multiple award-winning, multinational TVC campaigns.

Andrew has spearheaded Taxi Film Production from its humble beginnings in 2001 to the dynamic powerhouse that it is today. Through his forward-thinking and creative approach, Andrew has grown flagship brand Taxi to encompass an assortment of enterprises fit for today’s dynamically evolving landscape. Officially penned in 2018, The Taxi Group encompasses Taxi Film Production, Traffic Film and Video, Tasty Pictures, Welcome Fiji, Changer and Born and Bred Talent.

Andrew loves nothing more than a good chat, meeting new people, and supporting emerging leaders in the industry.

What piece of video/television has recently inspired you?
I’m absolutely taken by ABC’s (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) “Old People’s Home for Four Year Old’s” at the moment. It’s a social experiment series that connects nursing home residents with four year old kids. I love a doco series that can make you laugh, tear-up and most importantly teach you to be kinder to one another.

What is most exciting for you at the moment within your industry?
No matter what is happening with the ongoing changes in all sectors of the industry with technology, budgets shrinking etc, I still love nothing more than getting a really great script come across my desk. It might sound a bit old school, but the power of a great idea is really at the core of what we do in television and content production

What is one thing the Telly Awards community should know about you?
The past 25 years of life may have been devoted to the film & TV industry, but before that I was a certified wool classer working in outback Australia! People are often quite surprised when I tell them that. I also split my working week between Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, so people are always surprised to hear that I love retreating to my property, pottering around with the cows and horses at every chance.

What is a piece of work you are most proud to have worked on?
It’s hard to have favourites, but most recently we just completed an unusual brief for a Transport Authority in that it was large logistical challenge. We had to find 40 real life drivers of varying demographics throughout the State of Queensland and film all of their driving movements for a week and collect that data for a formal behavioural study and corresponding educational TVC to drive behavioural change and safe driving awareness.
I’m also in pre-production for an amazing charity – 4 Aussie Heroes – which is committed to supporting Australian war veterans and first responders. I am privileged to sit on the board of the charity and it’s been amazing being able to bring the creative community together to get behind a great cause and help them create their first ever television commercial to generate the awareness of the important work they do.