For the second installment in our series spotlighting winners who have defied the limits, we are excited to shine the light of female-owned and diversity-first multimedia production company, Suck My Chic. In their own words, the company operates with two goals in mind: to create state-of-the-art, relevant, inspiring content; and to elevate the new majorities in the creative industry.
The entertainment business has always been handled by the same demographic. We are a forthright solution to this problem. Our proudly colorful team has developed and produced over 450 successful multimedia projects.

We sat down virtually with their Founder, Carolina Bradilli, an Afro-Latina multimedia producer rooted in NYC-LA,  to find out more!

How do you find a good balance of including your teams own creativity and letting the story you’re telling speak for itself?

I think that a good balance between creativity and letting the story speak for itself is using the right point of view for that story. The more the team can identify with the story being told, the more we will have an authentic result and the story will be able to speak for itself. Therefore, I think the balance is looking for a specific point of view and trying to be as faithful to it as possible so we can have incredible results. We are proud to have such a diverse team, but we would love to make it more diverse. We would like to be even more inclusive and would love to work with more female directors. But everybody on our team believes in our mission and the fight for diversity and inclusion, which facilitates the process of creating this perfect balance.

How did your creative process change given all of the unexpected turns of 2020?

2020 has been extremely challenging because we were set to triple our income for the entire year in just one month, and we were in a very good position that allowed us to give many opportunities to the people on our team. Unfortunately, all of our contracts were canceled due to the pandemic. We had to turn our attention to creating our own content, which is a bittersweet feeling since it is amazing to make your own content but we also deeply miss being on set.

What was the biggest hurdle you faced during your creative process?

The biggest hurdle we face during our creative process is finding companies and brands that are aligned with our ideals and goals. Companies and brands tend to be very standardized, they all look for the same thing. Being different can sometimes be a hurdle because we insist on working with diversity and focusing on that authentic point of view, and not everyone is prepared for that. Some companies and brands have yet to accept this which can be very difficult.

What do your Telly wins mean to you?

Winning the Telly Awards was very important to us, firstly, because it was the first prize that our company has ever won; and secondly, because it was a recognition for a very diverse work. Our crew was filled with many Latinos, African-Americans, Asians and White Americans, which gave a lot of opportunities and created a very good balance filled with diversity– something you can clearly see in the result of this movie that was awarded, which was “Real Me”. When you look, you see a diversity that was a part of our reality when creating this project. I think having won an award for this particular work was a really awesome thing because it proved to us that we are going on the right path to achieve the diversity we dream of.