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For nearly two years, 5G has dominated the conversation for cellular networks as a new wave of possibility. In a society pushed into a completely virtual space, the arrival of 5G has been welcome, but seemingly temporary. As the pandemic begins winding down, the sights of returning to “normal” production is suddenly within reach for creatives. However, instead of establishing a means to return to normal, 5G has slowly become the main avenue for new innovation.

This month’s episode of Hot Takes explores the uptrend of 5G technology in media and how its inevitable takeover will upheave the norms for creators and their content as we know it. Why is 5G important? And how does it affect content creators today? In his Hot Take, Joshua Ness from Verizon 5G Labs gives a forewarning to creatives to hop on the 5G train or get left in the virtual dust.

Watch the episode below!

“5G represents the future of content and media…Creators who don’t embrace it are going to be left behind.”


Meet The Guest

Joshua Ness is a Senior Manager at Verizon 5G Labs in New York City. He partners with enterprise, startups, and academic teams to drive innovation around 5G and co-create new 5G concepts that take advantage of complementary technologies like spatial computing, edge computing, and computer vision. He is also the Director of the New York City chapter of Startup Grind, the world’s largest community of startups, founders, innovators, and creators, working to provide the education, opportunities and access required by startups to build, grow, and scale their companies.