Season 3 Episode 4

The Freelancer Market: How To Survive During the Off-Season

In the last weeks alone, the industry has seen massive layoffs from huge tech agencies, production companies, and creative organizations; the effects of which are being felt throughout the film and video industries. The freelance market in general has always been incredibly volatile. Despite this, the freelance world of production tends to run cyclically, with a season occurring from January through March, making it somewhat easy to prepare for. However, with a sudden increase in available creatives, jobs are scarce and as freelancers struggle to find jobs, some are worried that their “slow season” may not be ending in March after all.

In this episode Hot Takes, we speak with Lucy Price, Founder and Managing Director of Loop Talent, an Agency and Diary Service dedicated to professional Heads of Department and Crew working in Film, HETV Drama, Commercials and Music Promos. With her background as a freelance Assistant Director, and a long history of helping clients achieve success in their careers, Lucy artfully breaks down the key steps a freelancer should take to make themselves more attractive in a slow market such as this one. We discuss how to make the most of downtime, the best ways to market yourself, and above all, how to mentally approach the challenges of freelance life.

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Lucy Price began her career working as part of the Assistant Director team on highly acclaimed TV Dramas, Commercials and Film. Her onset experience and exceptional organisational skills secured her a new role with a boutique agency where she managed a Diary Service for over 120 senior crew members. She went on to establish and operate a hugely successful new roster of talent for the agency. With her excellent reputation and this proven record of industry experience both on set and behind the scenes, Lucy launched Loop Talent in 2020, working with a brilliant and diverse roster of clients to reach their ambitions.

Since launching Loop Talent Lucy has been selected for Pitch Magazine’s Pitch List, featured in Cinegirl Magazine, Cinemamas Blog, partnered with WFTV for their exclusive IWD events across the country, partnered with charity Arts Emergency to encourage young people from underrepresented groups into the industry, and been selected as a Mentor for the prestigious WFTV Mentoring scheme.

Loop Talent represents award-winning Directors of Photography, Production Designers, Editors, Costume Designers, Hair & Make Up Designers, Line Producers, Production Managers, First Assistant Directors, Military Advisers, and Intimacy Coordinators. It’s Diary Service manages a wide range of Crew roles, including Producers, PMs, Runners, Camera Crew, Sound, Art Directors & Assistants, Gaffers, Sparks, ADs, Make Up Assistants & Trainees, Costume Assistants & Trainees, Catering, Covid Supervisors, and more. Loop Talent is based in Central London and works with global clients on projects worldwide.

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