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Congratulations! Your work has been shortlisted for a People’s Telly Award by our judging council. From April 16 – 26, 2024 entries in the People’s Telly Awards category will be featured for public viewing. The entire web community views and rates work using a 5-star rating system – and the highest rating wins.

Watch this short video to understand the process.

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How it Works


The sky’s the limit. Whether it’s designing a visually engaging newsletter or creating unique social media posts, standing out from the crowd will drive audiences and drive your ratings.


Your audience. Your fans. Make a video, send a newsletter, post on social – promote your participation in The People’s Telly Awards to ensure your community votes.


Don’t forget to use your personalized link to direct voters straight to your work, and remind people to rate your video when they watch it. Ratings are everything! 

A sample promotional image to publicize your Telly nomination

Customize your People's Telly Assets

We’ve made you simple, ready to use assets and customizable templates in Canva to promote your work. Use them as a bug on your website, social pages, or on the video itself to encourage your audience to watch and rate your work.

Share with your community

Below are a selection of standard badge, square, vertical and horizontal People's Telly assets to encourage your community to vote. Share them alongside your personalized voting link to get colleagues and friends to rate your piece. Post them on social and don't forget to tag us - we'll amplify on our channels as well if you do.

Promotional Image for the Circular Badge

Circular Badge

Promotional Image for the People's Telly 1 x 1

People's Telly 1 x 1

Promotional Image for the People's Telly 16 x 9

People's Telly 16 x 9

Promotional Image for the People's Telly 9 x 16

People's Telly 9 x 16

Promotional Image for the People's Telly GIF

People's Telly GIF

It's campaign time!

Each year the People’s Telly’s garners over 125,000 video views from around the world – which means you need to break through the static to win. Here are some tried and true tactics to win:

  • Direct people to rate your work – that’s what counts!
  • Put your personalized voting short link everywhere  – that’s how people find your work!
  • Send a dedicated email and update your bio – let your people know!
  • Share on social and tag us – we’ll amplify your work

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