The Telly Awards Podcast

Episode 1: Editors – Reality TV vs. Virtual Reality


Since the dawn of time, video and television editors have been known as the silent heroes of content. When production has finished its run, when the talent go home, and the crew members finally sleep in, the responsibility  shifts from the light to the dark. Shadow figures laboring in front of multiple, dimly lit monitors long into the night. Editors are often tasked with the impossible, creating seamlessly finished products with no trace of tampering. Their presence or lack thereof is hardly missed, and in any area of video and television, they are vital to the success of any story. 

When thinking about editing, it is easy to think of the Micheal Kahns and the Akira Kurosawas of the world, famous film editors who have won awards for their talent in helping make fiction look real. However, does the job of a movie editor, one who splices together carefully crafted shots of rehearsed action, change when the content differs? In documentary or reality television, where action is unpredictable, the shots unrehearsed, does an editor follow the same process? What about non-linear content that lacks a start and a finish such as immersive or virtual reality?

We invited two industry editors to address these questions from their respective fields. On one side, Fernando Ramirez, a reality television editor with over a decade of editing household names such as ’90 Day Fiance’, ‘Jersey Shore’, and ‘Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party.’ On the other, Vanessa Rojas, Lead Editor from Baobob Studios, leading interactive animation studio with credits from the likes of Pixar and Oculus VR.

Two editors, who both specialize in different areas of editing. It is not surprising to have learned how their day to day processes are different, but through conversation we begin to understand what we can learn from these seemingly different paths and how the common ground is not as far off as it may seem.

Listen to Episode 1 of The Telly Awards podcast below:


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