Our third episode of the season is out now! In this episode, we discuss the creator economy and influencer marketing with Becky Owen, Chief Marketing Officer at influencer agency Billion Dollar Boy. We discuss where and how the money is moving in advertising, the real difference between mini, midi and maxi influencers, and the needs of creators as demand for their work rapidly expands.

Season 3 of the Telly Podcast will present micro conversations in 10 minutes or less with experts reframing our industry on a macro level. Hosted by Managing Director Amanda Needham, the conversations will range from AI tools to those building a creator economy on TikTok.


Do you have someone you think should be featured? Do you have an industry area you’d like us to compare and contrast? Get in touch with our Producer, Jenahye Johnson at jenahye@tellyawards.com for the chance to be featured!