Whether this is your first time participating in the People’s Telly Awards or you are a People’s Telly veteran, here are some tips to help you spread the word, run a successful campaign, and help you become a People’s Telly Award Winner!!

Your People’s Telly Entry will be available for the online community to view and rate using our 5-star rating system. If your work earns the highest average rating – you win!

For those of you who want to vote and help decide who will take home The People’s Telly Awards this year, voting for the 44th Annual People’s Telly will open for Voting in April 2023!

Rate! Rate! Rate!

When asking your audience to view your work, it’s important to remind them to also rate your video when they watch it. Share the personalized link to your work with a reminder that ratings are everything!

Dedicated Emails

Your audience. Your fans. Sending a uniquely crafted and dedicated newsletter to promote your participation in the The People’s Telly Awards, is a sure way to get in front of people who are already engaged with your work.

Get Creative

The sky’s the limit. Whether it’s designing a visually engaging newsletter or creating unique social media posts, standing out from the crowd will drive audiences and drive your ratings.

Site / Video bugs

Drawing attention to your participation in all areas of your marketing is key. Use a custom site bug on your website, social pages, or on the video itself to encourage your audience to watch and rate your work.

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Create a video

This should be an easy one for you! Use your talent and skills to create a video to promote yourself, your company, and creativity to share across your networks.

Your email signature

Highlight your entry into The People’s Telly Awards as part of your email signature. Link to the Telly rating page and let every email you send help spread the word!