Season 3 Episode 3

The True Meaning of Immersive Content

In the past few years, the word “immersive” has been used to describe a variety of content and media devices available to the general public. When discussing headset technology, meta-verse landscapes, or attributes of particular media types, immersive has displayed different meanings when used different contexts. This varied use has contributed to an industry wide confusion on how immersive content is universally defined, what it looks like and as a result, has led to little understanding of the potential it has for the industry at large.

In this month’s episode of Hot Takes, we speak with Neil Carty about the true meaning of immersive content, the opportunity it provides for accessibility and new streams of distribution for immersive creators to reach audiences at unprecedented levels. While creators within the immersive space have been innovating immersive content decades, Cosm Studios and Labs have made their mark by producing immersive experiences beyond the headset, connecting audiences to iconic moments, places, and events at a massive scale. 

Hear more about Cosm, the technology behind their innovative, immersion domes, and how immersive content can transform the storytelling market for good in the episode below!

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