The 43rd Annual Telly Awards has officially opened!

This season we have expanded our category offerings to reflect an industry that has returned, equipped with new offerings and technologies. See our new honors below. 

The Telly Awards honors the best of video and television excellence, working alongside our Telly Judging Council to showcase breakthrough storytelling, by evolving our category offerings to reflect how creators have retooled to tell innovative stories across platforms. Our theme for this year, A New POV, celebrates the refreshed workflows that companies are using, and new perspectives they have to create diverse and important stories.  the work of st

To spotlight the new ways video is being created and to celebrate this year’s theme, we have introduced new honors for Hybrid Events, Sustainability, Workplace Culture and more. See our new categories below, ahead of the Early Entry Deadline on December 10th 2021

Brand New Honors for Recruitment

The workplace has drastically changed over the past two years. Employees are looking for new ways of working. New companies have been created during this time to meet real-world demands. Many companies have pivoted and refreshed their offerings to thrive in a transformed world. Diverse voices have been tapped to work both behind the camera and as below-the-line talent. 

Teams around the world are shifting, and in search of talent that meet their current needs. Video has become a key way to attract talent—we have introduced Recruitment honors across the competition to reflect how companies are seeking and attracting new talent.

Brand New Honors for Sustainability

As we navigate a worsening climate crisis, activists and journalists alike are using visual storytelling to raise awareness and spark global action. We have seen time and time again that video is a powerful way to disseminate critical information about pressing issues. This year’s new honors for Sustainability will celebrate the use of video and television to center stories about the current and future state of our planet. 

Brand New Honors for Workplace Culture 

Following an industry-wide reckoning, the healthy culture of a company is critical to attracting and retaining talent. This year’s new honors for Workplace Culture will celebrate the use of video to promote and sustain employee relations, including remote working structures, the hosting of purpose-driven internal events using video, or the facilitation of employee resource groups for communities to gather and support one another.

Honors for Education & Training

For nearly two years, the rapid increase in remote learning has been facilitated by our industry—from online classes and masterclasses to reskilling. New Education & Training categories across the competition will honor this work, whether you are using new ways to live stream content, create masterclasses for working professionals or use social video to share tutorials with the masses. 

Brand New Honors for Hybrid Events

Virtual events have become almost second nature for many. As the world slowly reemerges and live events return, many companies are choosing to offer hybrid solutions to provide access to a wider audience. Hybrid events include experiences that consider and execute both their in-person and online components with equal weight. Our new honors for Hybrid Events will honor the ways in which creators are seamlessly weaving video elements into these experiences.

Expanded Categories for Immersive & Mixed Reality 

Since our introduction of Immersive & Mixed Reality categories, the medium has continued to grow across secor, as well as in craft. We are further honoring the our industry’s creation of new, immersive experiences with additional categories including: 

  • Use of Livestream to reflect the leveraging of livestream video to make experiences available for wider audiences. 
  • Metaverse to honor the creation of collective, virtual shared spaces that converges virtually enhanced physical reality, and physically persistent virtual space. Sophisticated metaverses have been critical to the success of virtual events and experiences.
  • Use of Haptics to celebrate new ways developers are allowing users to engage with and receive feedback from the virtual environments they are navigating.


The Telly Awards honors work across Branded Content, Commercials & Marketing, Immersive & Mixed Reality, Non-Broadcast, Series/Shows/Segments and Social Video. 

Enter your work before The Early Entry Deadline on Friday, December 10th, 2021.