Season 2 Episode 3

The Accessibility of Television

Over the last ten years, the television industry has developed into an ever changing landscape with constant upheavals of norms and challenges to the Hollywood grip on media. With the rise of major disruptive forces such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, came a shift in a long standing monopoly of control from the cable networks into the hands of streaming providers on both domestic and international levels. Studios shelled out billions in deals with providers, who shelled out billions in deals with content creators, all to stay ahead of a game that continually rewrote its own rules. Smaller content creators have traditionally balked at the increasing competition. After all, how does a small content creator compete with a billion dollar Netflix budget? Turns out, they don’t need to.

In this month’s episode of Hot Takes, we speak with Dimitri Lazaris, Senior Producer and Director at Alloy Studios on the new accessibility of creating content for television. In a seemingly over saturated industry producing series after series backed by million dollar budgets, the path to creating a successful television series only appears elusive. The fact remains that audiences are the key to the success of any show, and as Dimitri will explain,  multiple platforms for distribution only increase the opportunities for creators to reach those audiences. In Dimitri’s case, what started as a web series, turned into a Telly Award winning, broadcast hit, entirely because of the audience that gave it life, and for his hot take, he urges creators to realize his success is achievable for those seeking to enter television, now more than ever.

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Dimitri Lazaris

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