The Telly Awards Podcast

Episode 2: Branded Content – Internal Creative Teams vs. Client Hired

When it comes to brand marketing, there is not one, single method that guarantees success. However, the same question does happen upon every marketer’s mind when developing strategy for branded content:  How much do you manage in-house versus outsourcing to a content agency or media publisher? The art in creating branded content lies in the delicate balancing act of building brand credibility, awareness, and integrity, while telling a clear, unique story without overtly pitching product. The questions we seek to answer is does that creative process become more or less difficult when working with a team outside of your organization? Are the goals the same? Or does the act of curation take on new meaning when suddenly the work is commissioned?

We invited two executive level heads of content, David Lennon, Executive Creative Director or Commercial at Fortune Media and Holly Fraser, Editor-In-Chief/Senior Director of Content at WeTransfer and WePresent to examine the differences and similarities behind creating work for clients as a brand publisher (Fortune) versus creating content for your own brand internally as part of an in-house creative team (WePresent.) 

Listen to Episode 2 of The Telly Awards podcast below:


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