Telly Award Judging

All judges are members of the Silver Telly Council. Judges evaluate entries to recognize distinction in creative work — entries do not compete against each other. Instead, entries are judged against a high standard of merit. Judges score entries on a performance scale and winning entries are recognized and awarded as Silver or Bronze Winners based on the combined scoring of the judges who evaluate each entry. Empowered to uphold the historical standards of the Telly competition, judges may award top honors to more than one entry or no entries in a particular category. All decisions of judges are final.


If you or one of your colleagues is a past Silver Telly winner, and you would like to be considered for membership in the Silver Telly Council, apply here.

People’s Telly Award Judging

Entries in the People’s Telly Awards will be posted to our custom voting page for public viewing. There will be multiple rating periods based on date you enter. All People’s Telly entries received through the early entry deadline will be available during the first rating period beginning the second week of January. Those People’s Telly entries will be up for a period of four weeks. During the rating period any registered Telly Awards user will be able to view and rate your video.


Each entrant will receive notification via email confirming receipt of their entries. After judging is completed, winners will be alerted of their selection and provided the opportunity to purchase statuettes and other memorabilia to commemorate their honor. Entrants whose work is not chosen will be notified following completion of judging.