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* Denotes current judging panel
Name Company Title
Rose-Marie Towle * ATSN (American Trigger Sports Network) Executive Producer
Michael W. Abbott * Move Films, Inc. President/CEO Profile
Nathan Ackerman * Eighteenth Street Media Creative Director
Chey Acuna * Electric Sun Productions Director
Sherine Adeli * Pasadena City College Producer Profile
Michelle Adelson * Copia Creative, Inc. Creative Director
Sujit Agrawal * Stellar Entertainment Inc Editor Profile
Raquel Aguillon * Los Ninos Cuentan Executive Producer Profile
Brian Albrecht * Hope Church Director
Vance Allen * High Octane Studio Creative Director
Chris Aller * Aller Media Group, Inc. President/CEO
Joshua Altman * Junkguy Productions Other
Brent Altomare * Groovy Like a Movie Executive Producer Profile
Alan Ames * Alan Ames and Associates / ActiveMusic Director Profile
Lou Amico * L.A. Management Company, LLC President/CEO Profile
Bob Anderson * Classic Worldwide Productions Other
Dominique Anderson * University of Texas at Arlington Editor Profile
Emilia Andrews * Beholder Productions, Inc. Owner Profile
Anton Antokhin * Denver HighDef Owner Profile
Tom Antos * TLA Productions Director Profile
Erich Archer Cape Ann TV Director Profile
Jeff Armstrong * Sleight Advertising Creative Director Profile
Bruce Assardo * Martin Bastian Productions Director
Michael Attardi * The Mike Attardi Company Director Profile
Daniel Azarian * Underdog Entertainment President/CEO Profile
Derk Baartman DB Studio Executive Producer Profile
Travis Babcock * Kineto Pictures, Inc. President/CEO Profile
Virginia Bacheler * SUNY Brockport Producer
Hagit Bachrach * Council on Foreign Relations Producer Profile
Tony Badea * Tony Badea Productions Editor Profile
Judhajit Bagchi * Passion Film, Yaanus Films Director Profile
Michael Bailey * Magpie Productions Creative Director
Carl Balduf * CaBalettA Enterprises, Inc Owner Profile
William Ball * Last Nerve Productions Executive Producer Profile
Lynda Bardfield * Family Health International Creative Director
Jonathan Barkan * Jonathan Barkan Owner Profile
Duane Barnhart * Duane Barnhart Executive Producer Profile
Andina Barone * Mindful Media Group Owner Profile
Logan Bazar * Northwestern Mutual Creative Director
Mark Bazil * `a la carte, inc. Creative Director Profile
Gary Beaton * Scripps Productions Producer
Jason Beckwith * Design Reactor Editor
Steve Behnke * Discovery Communications Producer
Brian Belefant Belefant, LLC Creative Director Profile
Chunjee Bell * BET Networks Production Manager
Michael Bell * Embee Studio Owner
Nancy Belusky * StoneArch Creative Writer
Eric Benson * PSAV Creative Services Producer Profile
Clarita Berger * Nick Caloyianis Productions, Inc. Producer
Bill Bergholtz * BJC HealthCare Other Profile
Mike Bergin * USAA Other
Tim Best * Frank/Best International Creative Director
Dorothy J Best * Head in the Clouds Productions Executive Producer
Nick Betro * Hitchcock Fleming & Associates, Inc. Creative Director Profile
Cynthia Biamon * Digital Kitchen Executive Producer
Sean Biederman * The Concept Farm Account Executive Profile
Caz Bielen * Premiere Media President/CEO Profile
Bruce Biermann * Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Producer
Karen Bisgeier * Dada Producer
Robert Black Marlinspike Know Works Owner Profile
Tootie Bland * Ride the Remuda Productions Inc. President/CEO
Mark Blaszak * Pegula Sports and Entertainment Other Profile
Rene Blatte * Maricopa Colleges Television Director
Brandy Blickhan * Media Development Owner Profile
Matt Blint * Red House Communications Creative Director
David Boatman * Boatman Media Productions President/CEO
George Bobbio * Charter Communications Art Director Profile
Virginia Bogert * Laughing Dog Pictures Director
Libby Bolling Pinellas County Connection Television Producer Profile
Ramona Boone * Harpo Studios Producer Profile
Richard Borenstein * Cinebar Productions, Inc. Owner Profile
Sarah Boutelle * Mercy Health System Creative Director
Robin Boyce * Honeywell Security Producer
M. Theresia Braun * NBC Universal Global Netwroks Italia Creative Director Profile
Derek Breakfield * Beacon Street Studios Other
Leslie Brennan * Living the Life Other
Carrie Brewer Martinez * CM Productions, Inc. President/CEO Profile
Randal Bridges * Torch Studios Executive Producer Profile
Chris Brown * 3C Media Solutions Editor Profile
Billy Brown Evidential Productions Director Profile
David Brown * Greensboro Television Network Production Manager Profile
Blake Brown * MX Creative Director
Marcy Brown * Roots Television, LLC Owner
Althea Brown * Video Visions Entertainment Director
William Browning * Department of Veterans Affairs Producer
Philip Bues * Back Home Productions Executive Producer
Chris Buongiorno * Art Center College of Design Director Profile
Kevin Burrus * Burrus Communications, Inc. Writer
Richard Butterfoss * BG&V Productions.com Executive Producer Profile
Mike Cacciabondo * Rocklin Irving Creative Director
Gerald Cain * Dynamite Films Inc. Creative Director Profile
Myles Cameron * Cameron Wood Productions Producer Profile
Andrei Campeanu * Liberty Films Group, Inc. Creative Director Profile
Jim Caponigro * J. Walter Thompson Other Profile
Sandra Cardone * W. Cardone Productions Producer
Bruce Carey * Liberty University - LFSN Producer Profile
Randy Carswell Freelance Producer Executive Producer Profile
Joan Cartan-Hansen Idaho Public Television Producer Profile
Graham Carter * Jazzed Media Owner Profile
Jon Carter * Mississippi Power Producer
Arturo Cassani * Telemundo Houston Producer Profile
Adrian Castagna * Flip Films Executive Producer Profile
Tamino Castro * Magic Flute Pictures Director
Catherine Ceigersmidt * Mary Productions Producer Profile
Zelko Cenin * Mills James Productions Executive Producer Profile
Melissa Centra Eview 360 Other
Megan Chao * Daniel H. Birman Productions, Inc. Producer Profile
Charlie Chapin, Ph.D. * Moonshadow Productions & Research Executive Producer
Karen Chaput * Library of Congress Producer
Ed Cheeney * Cheeney Media Concepts2, Inc. President/CEO Profile
mark chernichaw * Prudential Financial Creative Director
Ken Cherry * Zoom International Pictures Executive Producer
Chad Christensen * Chair Films Director
John Christensen * Christensen Media Owner Profile
Monica Ciarli * NBC Universal Global Networks Italia s.r.l. Other
Mark Clark * Mark Clark Writer / Producer / Director Director Profile
Platte Clark * VitalSmarts Director Profile
christine clay * scripps Marketing Director
Heather Clifford-Skaggs * Holzer Health System Creative Coordinator
Matthew Clift * Matthew Clift Other
Sheila Clover English * Circle of Seven Productions President/CEO Profile
Todd Coats * Capstrat Creative Director
Aaron Cobb * City of Frisco Producer
Barry Cobbs StudioChunky Producer Profile
Robbie Coblentz * Broadcast Media Group, Inc. President/CEO Profile
Robert Coffin * Robert Coffin Owner Profile
Howie Cohen * The Phelps Group Creative Director
Chris Colley * Colley Sound Other Profile
Chris Conroy * Heartwood Media, Inc. Creative Director Profile
Joseph Consentino * Consentino Film Inc Producer Profile
David L. Cook IAMAS Corporation/DLC Records President/CEO Profile
Nicole Coon * Matrix Video Production Inc. President/CEO Profile
David Cooper * US Fish and Wildlife Service Production Manager
Kenneth Corben * Evergreen Films Inc Executive Producer Profile
Helene Cote * DDB Creative Director
Don Cowan * ICom Creative Other Profile
Jeff Cowan * Interwoven Marketing Director
Christina Crandall * Freelancer Other Profile
Jerry Craven * Upshot Creative Director
Scott Craven * WGNT-TV/CW27 Producer
Kipp Crawford * Martin Bastian Productions Other
David Crews * CrewsCreative Owner Profile
Matt Crick * Red Barn Pictures Director Profile
Lauri Crowder * Onslow County Schools Producer Profile
JD CROWLEY * CBS Television Distribution Producer Profile
Curtis Cunningham * Lawrence Productions Executive Producer Profile
Brian Curran * Comcast Spotlight Production Manager Profile
Steve Czompo * RIT Director
Hope Daley * Sky Angel Productions, LLC Executive Producer
Bob Dambach * Prairie Public Broadcasting Executive Producer
Chad Daniel * Youthbytes Executive Producer
Carol Darley * Carol Darley Inc. Owner
Bryan Darrow * Rochester Americans Editor
Michael Daut * Evans & Sutherland Creative Director Profile
Maxine Davis * Every Life is a Story LLC Producer Profile
Shane Davis * MarShan Productions Director
Andy Dean * Dean Film & Video Owner
Nicolas DeGrazia * Bitter Jester Creative, Inc. Creative Director Profile
Wood Dickinson * Renegade Pictures a Think,LLC Company Owner Profile
John Didato * Sesame Workshop Editor
Mike Dinkins * NorthStar Productions Owner Profile
Keith Dixon * Patterson Avenue Productions Inc President/CEO Profile
Ron Dodd * In The Life Media Executive Producer
Glenn Dombrowski * CH2MHILL Creative Director Profile
Charles Domokos * Pomeranian Pictures Director
Beth Donica * Strategic Perception Inc. Creative Director Profile
Calvin Dorsey * Dorsey Management Services President/CEO Profile
John Draughon * iMedia Foundation Director Profile
David Driscoll * Con Edison Production Manager
Terry Drohlich * Talisman Media Marketing Director
Kirk Duffy * Cargill Producer Profile
Joseph Dufrene * The Boeing Company Director
Rick Dykstra * Geary County Convention and Visitors Bureau Marketing Director
Myra Edaburn * Sandia National Laboratories Producer
Marmie Edwards * Operation Lifesaver Executive Producer Profile
Pamela Ehrlich * reality pictures ltd. Executive Producer Profile
Pete Ellingson Matrix Video, Inc. President/CEO Profile
Bill Elliott * NBC Universal Director
J.P. Ellman * Winner & Associates Other
Alberto Engeli * Dr.Zoom Productions President/CEO Profile
Richard Eschenroeder * Edward Jones Creative Director
Crystal Fambrini * Current TV Producer Profile
Liv Faris * Colehour+Cohen Executive Producer Profile
franciska farkas * Johns Hopkins Medicine Editor
Steve Farkas * Vistamax Productions Executive Producer
Stephen Fechtor * Fechtor Advertising, LLC Owner Profile
Doug Feinburg * Thunder Sky Pictures President/CEO
Eric Feldman * Big Sixty Media Group, LLC President/CEO
Juan Femath * Air Force Television Pentagon Producer Profile
Perry Finkelstein * Pro Video Productions, Inc. President/CEO Profile
Michael Fiore * Michael Fiore Director Profile
Russell Fisher Utah State University Marketing Director Profile
Donna Fisk * Disneyland Resort Producer
Gregory Flick * CBN Producer Profile
Jim Fogarty * 2 Ticks & The Dog Productions, Inc. Creative Director
Arnold Foote * Advertising & Marketing (Ja.) Ltd. President/CEO Profile
Paul Steven Forrest * Forrest Film Creative Director Profile
Marcus Fox * iCandy TV Inc. Executive Producer Profile
Travis Fox * MindFox Productions, LLC Executive Producer
Billy Frank * Make It Happen Prodictions Executive Producer Profile
D. Eric Franks * Videopia Producer Profile
Vicki Frederick Urban Rascals Other
Christopher Free * City of Norfolk Producer Profile
Scott M. Freebairn * Freebairn Entertainment/Hey You Pictures Director
Colette Freedman * LBC Advertising Creative Director Profile
James Freni Cablevision Producer Profile
Scott Friedland * Imagine One President/CEO Profile
D. Hartley Joihsonn Fuqua * Hartley Johnson Productions Director Profile
Wesley Galvin VIZTEK Creative Director Profile
Elisa Gambino * One Production Place Owner
Don Gangnagel * Salt & Light Productions Producer Profile
Ruben Garcia * Media Bar Productions, LLC Owner Profile
Freddy Garcia * Quickreative, Inc. President/CEO
Salvador Garza * BrandTales.tv LLC Creative Director Profile
Dennis Gaston * WUFT-TV Other
Chris Gates * Chris Gates Producer Profile
Diane Gatsis Havinga * Greenspring Channel 6 Executive Producer Profile
Charles Gaushell * Paradigm Marketing & Creative President/CEO Profile
Mary Gerber * PUNCH Films Producer Profile
Angela Gervasio * Angela Gervasio Producer
John Gill * Henrico County Public Schools Production Manager Profile
Scott Gillen * Scott Gillen Director Profile
Joe Gillespie * PGA TOUR Entertainment Producer
Denise Gilley Recognition Media Art Director
Daniel Gitlitz * Zimmerman Advertising Creative Director Profile
Nik Gjonaj * Illyria Entertainment/Fantastic Films International Director
Nancy Glenn * BMC Software Executive Producer Profile
Mark Glissendorf * Lawrence & Schiller Executive Producer Profile
Martin Goeller * Sixtus Pictures, LLC Director Profile
Avis Gold Richards * Birds Nest Productions Executive Producer Profile
Erin Goldenhersh * Fleishman-Hillard Other Profile
Larry Goldman * LMNO Productions Other
Jason Gordon * 3 Alliance Enterprises, Inc. President/CEO Profile
Everett Gorel * South Coast Film and Video Director Profile
Paul Gosselin CVR Creative Director Profile
Steve Graham * TMP Worldwide Avdvertising & Communications, LLC Creative Director
Ken Grandlund * Cox Media-San Diego Producer Profile
Marcus Grandon * Grand Marquee Productions Owner
Ben Gravolet * Touchpoints Marketing and Advertising President/CEO Profile
Sid Gray 3 Minute Travel Tips Owner Profile
Lance Gray * Action Video Service, LLC President/CEO
Jim Gray * VideoWorks Production Co. President/CEO Profile
Steve Grein NeWave Video Productions, Inc. Executive Producer
Steve Greisen * Reel Productions, LLC President/CEO Profile
Chip Gremillion * Originamics, Inc. Executive Producer
Barry Gribbon * Homerun Entertainment Executive Producer
Hector Grillone * Pearson Director
Bryce Groark * Living Ocean Productions Producer Profile
John Grooters * Grooters Productions Producer Profile
olivia grove * Pacific Producer
Jim Guarasci * BECON-TV Executive Producer
Loretto Gubernatis * McDonagh Davis Associates Producer
Kelly Guenther * Guenther Group, Inc. Creative Director Profile
Stephen Guenther * Rotary International Executive Producer
Mike Gunter * Glacier Lily Productions Owner
Allan Gus * Matlin Recording, Inc. Owner Profile
Manuel H. Stumpfhauser * Oxes multimedia cine & tv Owner Profile
Don Haderlein * North Hollywood Pictures Director Profile
Ron Hadfield * Abilene Christian University Producer Profile
Kim Hadhazy * Kim Hadhazy Executive Producer
Whitney Hahn * Digital Bard President/CEO Profile
Sage Hall * StarFruit Productions Director Profile
Shannon Hallare * Fry Hammond Barr Producer
Steven Hames * Berry College Other Profile
Tim Hamilton * 2C Creative + Content Executive Producer Profile
Robert Hammel * Perimeter Productions President/CEO Profile
Sangman Han * Fox News Channel Art Director
Sean Hanish * Cannonball Productions Owner Profile
Kristin Hanish * Kiki\'s Ad Shop President/CEO Profile
Zachary Hanover * CRAFT Media Digital Producer
Ernie Harker * 8fish President/CEO Profile
Rachel Harmon * Sagebrush Video Productions Owner Profile
Jodi Harouche * Multimedia Plus, Inc. Creative Director
Michelle Harrell * City of Norfolk TV 48 Executive Producer Profile
Chad Harris * Hallmark Channel Creative Director Profile
Ron Harrison * Salt River Project Director
Thomas Hass * Hass Productions, INC. President/CEO
David Hausen * Surreel Inc. Director
Ondrej Havas * Omnicron Productions Ltd Executive Producer
Christopher Hayes * Christopher Hayes Director Profile
George Hazuda * Morée Advertising, Inc President/CEO Profile
Steven Heape * Rich-Heape Films, Inc Executive Producer Profile
Todd Hedge * Onboard Media Director
Kristen Heim * CSC Other Profile
Matt Helfgott * Matt Helfgott Productions Director Profile
Debra Henningfield * Upshot Other
Javier Hernandez * Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts Editor Profile
Craig Herron * Herron Designs Owner
Larry Herskowitz * AmericanLife TV Network Executive Producer
Deron Hess * Master Spas, Inc. Executive Producer Profile
Camille Hill * Merestone President/CEO Profile
Kim Hodge * Park&Co Other
James Holcomb * Lockheed Martin Production Manager
Doc Holiday (current member Board Of Governors (Grammy Awards) The Power Plant Studios President/CEO Profile
Lisa Hollett * Time Life Executive Producer
Nicholas Holliday * Cabela's Production Manager
Mark Holman * Haven Falls Motion Picture Productions, LLC Executive Producer
Jason Holmes Comcast NBCUniversal Other Profile
Michael Honeck * Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University Producer Profile
Abigail Honor * Persona Films Director
Dawn Hoppe * Henrico County Public Schools Marketing Director
Aaron Hose Univ of Central Florida - O.I.R. Video Producer Profile
Kyle Howerton * University of Idaho Producer Profile
wayne hubbard * Urban American Production Executive Producer
Stuart Huggins * TADD Productions Creative Director Profile
Jim Hughes * Parachute Productions Director Profile
Lauren Hunt * Communifx Marketing Director
Cassidy Hunter * Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association Other
Frank Hurt * Mountain Video Associates Producer
William Husted * Cablevision Editor Profile
Wayne Hutchison * PBS KVPT 18 Other
Mark Hyman * Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. Other
Gary Ingraham * Ithaca College Other
Ashley Iser * Ruder Finn Other
Dean Ishida * Farouche Films Producer
Danny Jackson * One More Cast Productions, LLC Owner Profile
Robin Jacob * Tiger Film Productions Ltd Producer Profile
Randi Jacobsen * Up a Creek Films Producer Profile
Raina James * Big Picture Lab Executive Producer
Robert James * Comcast Other
Robert James * Envision Director Profile
Susan Janis-Mashayekhi * Pink Sneakers Productions Producer Profile
Ben Jenkins * Sasquatch Writer
Julie Jenney * CBN Executive Producer
Carol Jennings * Blue Ridge PBS Production Manager Profile
Dana Jensen * Lockheed Martin Corporation Creative Director Profile
Andrew Johnson * iMed Design, inc. President/CEO Profile
Tim Johnson * Medical College Of Georgia Producer
Matt Johnson Studio 20 / WCOV-TV Creative Director Profile
Steven Johnson * The Dallas Morning News Creative Director Profile
E. Eric Johnson III * Lill Monster Motion Pictures Creative Director Profile
Russ Jolly * 214 Media, LLC President/CEO Profile
Billy Jones * 310 Studios Producer
James Jones * United States Air Force Producer Profile
Omar Joseph Quest Diagnostics.com Marketing Director Profile
Warren Junium * Children's Miracle Network Producer
Karen Kafton * Comcast Other Profile
Paul Kakert * EDP President/CEO Profile
David Kaminski * Clarkstown High School North Creative Coordinator Profile
Leslie Karaffa Cisco Systems Producer Profile
Lisa Katz * DOOHit Digital Other Profile
Matt Kay * GoWorld Productions Editor Profile
Ken Kebow * Kenbow Communications Producer
Doug Keesey * EyeOn Creative Media Group, Inc. President/CEO Profile
Ainsley Kellar * ARK Productions President/CEO Profile
Lisa Keller * Eview 360 Other
Jessica Kendlick * Comcast Production Manager Profile
David Kenneth * I.E. Effects Executive Producer
Stephen Kent * Harris Teeter Creative Director Profile
Jon Kent * Kent Creative President/CEO
James Kerwin * Helicon Arts Cooperative Director Profile
Paul Kiely * Weber Shandwick Creative Director Profile
Owen Richard Kindig O.K. Storyteller LLC Creative Director Profile
Steve King Corporate Media NZ Producer Profile
Rodney King * NASA STUDIOS Director
Bill Kinzie * Lindblad Expeditions Executive Producer Profile
Scott Kirby * EFX Media Creative Coordinator
Mike Kirsch The Buddy Group Creative Director Profile
Anthony Klejna * High Park Media, LLC President/CEO Profile
Steve Kline * State of Michigan LARA Production Manager Profile
Mark Knoles Knoles Creative Director Profile
Bob Kochuk * Bob Kochuk Owner Profile
Jamison Koczan * CNTV Editor Profile
Kris Koenig Koenig Films Producer
Kaleb Kohart * Studio C3 Creative Director Profile
Michael Kolowich * DigiNovations Incorporated President/CEO Profile
Bob Konold * SPM Marketing & Communications Creative Director
Steven Korian * IOMEDIA Owner Profile
John Korossy * DV Solutions Owner
Donald Koshiol * Lifetouch Media Productions Producer Profile
Jim Kosub * SNN News 6 Creative Director Profile
Michael Kotlen * Michael Kotlen Productions President/CEO
Dusty Kraatz * XI Media Productions Owner Profile
Phil Kubel PK Productions Producer
Ola Kudu * Black Entertainment Television Creative Director
Christine Kuecherer * T180 Studios Marketing Director
Hiroshi Kumatani * Hiroshi Kumatani Director
Aaron La Porta * Eastco Multi Media Solutions Creative Director Profile
Nicholas J LaBorne * New York TV & ABC Television Group Executive Producer Profile
Greg LaHatte * Gwinnett County Public Schools Executive Producer Profile
Kathy Lajvardi * Special Blend Creative Director Profile
Lou Lambert * On Point Strategies President/CEO Profile
Nancy Lamfers * Golden Griffin Productions Executive Producer Profile
Sandee LaMotte * WebMD Executive Producer Profile
Ryan Landels * Land Elsewhere Productions Director Profile
Valerie Landes * KRCB Producer Profile
Luiz Landgraf * Machete Studios Executive Producer Profile
John Lanford * Miss. Public Broadcasting Producer Profile
Bob Langford Back Home Productions Producer Profile
Jon LaPorta * Pfannenberg, Inc. Marketing Director Profile
Jim Larsen * HDR Multimedia Studio/21st Century Productions, Inc Executive Producer
Tika Laudun * Louisiana Public Broadcasting Director
Robin Law * Brouillard Other Profile
Chris Lawing * Mercury Multimedia President/CEO
Angie Lawing * Mercury Multimedia Executive Producer
Sue Lawson * ChicagoEdit Editor
Milton Lebron * Republica, LLC Creative Director
Rachel Lederman * Sweet Sadie, Inc. Owner
Reuben Lee * NBC Universal Creative Director
Andreas Lee * Tribune Creative Group Other Profile
Martin Leger * New Mexico Tourism Department Marketing Director Profile
Richard Lehman * RKL Productions Inc. President/CEO
Christopher Leigh * PA College of Technology Producer
Marie Leiner * TTTUHSC Producer
Lisa Leonard * Martin Bastian Productions Producer
Shelly Leslie * WRAL-TV Creative Director Profile
Susan Levine * Slingshot, LLC. Creative Director
Lars Lewerth * Lewerth Communication Production Manager Profile
Rob Lewis * Beaufort County Government Director
Tim Lewis * Mastcom President/CEO Profile
Anthony Lewis * Stryker Orthopaedics Producer
David Lind * Indiana University of Pensylvania Production Manager Profile
Timothy Litton * WaterFurnace Renewable Energy Marketing Director
Joani Livingston * Livingston+McKay LLC President/CEO Profile
Cynthia Lockhart * Lockhart President/CEO
Donald Loftin * Loftin Productions Video Services Production Manager Profile
Mickey Lonchar * Quisenberry Creative Director Profile
Max Lopatin * Max Lopatin Director
John Love * New Vision Communications President/CEO Profile
John Lovrien * Digital Media Education Director Profile
Daniel Loyd * Silent City Productions Producer Profile
Julie Lucus-Keller * ATK Launch Systems Executive Producer Profile
Charles Luna Gnu 2 Marketing Owner Profile
marcel lundberg * Holus Bolus Digital Executive Producer
Dan Lynch * Thomas Nelson Executive Producer
Colin Mably * Educational Visions Producer Profile
Grace Machado * Vaya Productions, Inc Producer
Miriam Machado-Luces * TVA Media Productions, Ltd. Producer Profile
Alex Mackey * Oh, Rio! Productions Producer
Robert Maczis * SNS Marketing Creative Director Profile
Tim Mader * Cypher Productions Director Profile
Andy Madorsky * Lou Beres & Associates Creative Director
Jerry Makare * Screaming Inside Films Producer Profile
Eric Malter * MDC Group President/CEO Profile
Mark Maness * Gopher Broke Productions President/CEO Profile
Erin Manning * Erin Manning Media Owner Profile
Lisa Marceau * New England Research Institutes Executive Producer
Enrico Marcellino * Florida Hospital Creative Director
Lee Margolies * LM Creative.Motion Creative Director Profile
Marc Marriott * Rezolution Films Producer Profile
Douglas Marshall * IFC Executive Producer
Dan Martel * Saxum Creative Director
Robin Martin * Safeway Inc. Other
Tait Martin * The iNSiGHT Cooperative President/CEO Profile
Erica Martinez * Slingshot, LLC. Other
Kevin Martorana * Take One Productions Director Profile
Michael Maslow * Working Pictures Artists LLC Executive Producer
Carson Mataxis * Capstrat Editor
Patricia Mathis * WATC TV Other
Sam Maturo * Maturo Media, LLC Executive Producer Profile
Dave Mauriello * Magic Animation President/CEO Profile
Brian May * Maycreate President/CEO
Tracy Mazza * Newsgroup Communications, Inc. Owner Profile
Mathieu Mazza * Newsgroup Communications, Inc. President/CEO Profile
Irene Majer McArthur * IMPACT Communications Creative Director Profile
Donnie McCarter * Mississippi State University Producer Profile
Clay McCaw * Shapiro/Howe/McCaw - Reel Focus Productions Creative Director
Stan McClain * Stan McClain Cinematography (Retired) President/CEO
Jesse McClear * J.R. Thompson Company Creative Director Profile
Mike McClure * Yaffe & Company Creative Director Profile
Peter McDonnell * Bellum Entertainment Producer
Jack McGoldrick * McGoldrick Marketing President/CEO Profile
Cameron McHarg * Shillelagh Films Director Profile
Laura McIntosh * M Entertainment Executive Producer Profile
Andrew McIntosh McIntosh Media Group Owner Profile
Dianne McIntyre * Kiss Advertising Creative Director
Thyra McKelvie * Worktank Director
Becky McMillen * Insight Creative Producer Profile
Christine McNeal * Animal Planet Marketing Executive Producer Profile
Buck McNeely * Timberwolf Productions Inc President/CEO Profile
Douglas McSkimming * Macy's Satellite Network Executive Producer
Jason Meeker * Meredith Agrimedia Executive Producer
Johnny Mendez * Hen House Media Owner Profile
Carl Metzler * Creative Images | Video Producer Profile
Emily Meyers * Eyes of the World Media Group President/CEO Profile
Craig Mikes Proof Advertising Creative Director Profile
Whitney Milam * KTBC-Fox 7 Director
John Miller * City of Tacoma - TV Tacoma Production Manager Profile
Cliff Miller * Eat'n Park Hospitality Group Creative Director
Tina Miller * Plum TV Producer Profile
Kevin Miller * ServiceMaster Creative Director
Patti Mills AS&K Visual Science Director Profile
Vinny Minchillo * Glass House Strategy Creative Director Profile
Tracey Miner * Minerpro Executive Producer Profile
Samantha Mistal * Redline Media Group Creative Coordinator
Tungesh Mohan * Lathika International Film & Entertainment Director
jarrod moore * Recognition Media Other
Martin Morawski * The Creative Video Group Owner
Joey Morelli * DigiDojo Owner Profile
Kurt Morgenweck * Delta Research Digital Productions Other Profile
Misti Morningstar * Morningstar Design, Inc. President/CEO Profile
Lemeul Muniz * Moon & Stars Studio LLC Director Profile
Juan Munoz * Nativo Creative Director Profile
Lance Murchison * National Cotton Council Other Profile
Arran Murphy * Action Audio and Visual Other Profile
Tom Murphy * Murphy & Associates, Inc. Producer
Andrew Murphy Time Warner Cable Media Producer Profile
Michael Murray * SpotOn Productions Owner Profile
Ken Musen * c.2K Entertainment President/CEO Profile
Tiffany Nail * NASA Executive Producer Profile
Nick Nanton * DNA Director
Frankie Nasso * Nova Entertainment Group, LLC Director
Wendy Nesseth * On Air Productions Producer
Jeff Nicholas * The Uprising Creative Director Profile
Edward Nickels * White Dog Communications Owner
Frazier Nivens * Ocean Imaging Studios President/CEO Profile
Winston Nixon * Fayetteville Technical Community College Director Profile
Hiroshi Noguchi * Nextreme Media,Inc. Director Profile
Kevin Nolan * Dave Syferd & Partners, Inc Creative Director
Rebecca Noles * Gradient Productions Owner
John Nopper * City of Sarasota Producer Profile
Edward Norris * Only Sterling Films President/CEO Profile
James Nussbaum * Galileo Productions, LLC Executive Producer Profile
Catherine O'Brien * Stanford Video Director Profile
Terence O'Keefe * Vanguard Productions Director Profile
David Ogden * MetaMedia Training International, Inc. Director Profile
Dianne Ogden * Primerica Executive Producer Profile
Rob OKeefe * R&R Partners Director Profile
Miguel Ormeno * beans2beans Creative Director Profile
Cheryl Ottenritter * Ott House Audio Owner
Brian Ouellette * Plasma Films President/CEO Profile
Rick Ours * Shenandoah University Executive Producer Profile
Mack Owen * Owen Group Advertising Creative Director Profile
Alester Owens * 225 Productions/Filmworks President/CEO Profile
Kelly Padgett * Kelly Padgett Photography Director Profile
Barbara Paresi * The Production Works Executive Producer Profile
Andrew Parsons SPEED SPORT Producer
Sarah Passarelli * D S Simon Productions Other
Richard Patricia * Richard M. Patricia Producer Profile
Dan Pavlik * SouthPaw Productions Producer
Ron Pearson * Pearson Partners President/CEO
Jeff Peeler * Frantic Branded Content + Commercials Executive Producer Profile
Pat Pencheff * Communica Creative Director
Beverly Penninger * Naka Productions, Inc. Producer Profile
Danna Pentes * Turner Studios Other Profile
Janice Perry * City of Kirkland Executive Producer
Wayne Persing * First Generation Editor Profile
Chuck Peters * LifeWay Production Manager Profile
Arlen Peters * One Take Productions, Inc. Owner
Julie Peterson * Joyco MultiMedia LLC Account Executive
Jeremy Pinckert * Explore Media LLC President/CEO Profile
Christian Pinto * Adullam Films Director
Cory Poccia * Mainstream Films Producer
Jordan Podos * See. Spot. Cut. Owner
Martin Pohl * P. Pohl Productions Ltd. Executive Producer
Cheryl Pollak * Upright Pictures, Inc. Director
Sarah Polster * ProActive, A Freeman Company Marketing Director
Claudia Ponder * Ponder Ideaworks Executive Producer Profile
Jacqui Poor * Visionary Production Services Producer Profile
Dave Porfiri Mindflow Media Producer Profile
Candice Price * Urban American Outdoors Productions Executive Producer
Don Priest * CSU, Fresno - Dept of MCJ Executive Producer
Alan Probst * Alan Probst, Inc. Producer Profile
Robert Puleo Tightrope Media Group Executive Producer
Jere Rae-Mansfield * Monterey Media, Inc. Owner Profile
Laura Randall * Edit 1 Media President/CEO Profile
Aaron Randerson * Image Studios Executive Producer Profile
Dawn Rasak * Creative Resources Group President/CEO
Kim Ratchford * Edward Jones Producer
Sam Rath * Group Mojo LLC President/CEO Profile
John Rathjen * GAF Executive Producer
Robert Rauffer * Big Rig Creative Executive Producer Profile
Rosemary Rawcliffe * Frame of Mind Films, Inc Owner Profile
Frank Reale * The Peers Influence Peers Partnership President/CEO Profile
Lloyd Record * Lockheed Martin Space Systems Production Manager Profile
Nik Reddy * GTCN Other
Michael Redman * Half a Bubble Out President/CEO Profile
Curt Reed * See Our Solutions, Inc. President/CEO
jijo reed * Sizzlepitch Creative Director
Doug Reid * Augustwolf Productions Creative Director
Pete Rethorn * Marathon Petroleum Company Producer Profile
Jonathan Rice * The Eppstein Group Creative Director Profile
Andrew Rich * Wired Ranch Advertising President/CEO Profile
Jimmy Richardson RD&F Advertising, Inc. President/CEO Profile
Lisa Richman * Hallmark Cards Executive Producer
Earl Richmond * Richmond Productions, Inc. Producer
John Ridley * B&W Technical Services Production Manager
Hilary Riedemann * Goddard Claussen Other
Albert Ritondo * Northwell Health Producer Profile
Marty Roberts * White Diamond Productions President/CEO Profile
Jonathon Robinson * Playhead, Inc. President/CEO
Jennifer Rochford * KSNV Las Vegas Editor Profile
Bob Rock * Lone Peak Productions Owner Profile
Bill Rogin * Rogin Entertainment Executive Producer Profile
Bill Rogin * Rogin Entertainment Executive Producer
Randall Rohn * Keller Crescent Advertising Creative Director
Rob Rooney * Draftfcb NY Creative Director
Beth Roose * Beth Roose Films Executive Producer Profile
Fara Rosenzweig * Sypher Productions Producer Profile
John Rouse * Palm Beach County Producer Profile
Michael Rovner * Agency 212 Creative Director Profile
Brian Rowan * MidSouth Media Group Executive Producer
James Rowe * UPS Creative Services Executive Producer Profile
David Roy * Dog Romeo Productions President/CEO
John Rubey Fathom Events President/CEO Profile
Rolando Ruiz * RolandoRuiz.com Producer Profile
Marc Ruiz * Seventy 7 Productions Director Profile
Claire Rung * Daybreak TV Productions Executive Producer Profile
Ray Rush * Ray's Video Services President/CEO
Bobby Russell * Questforstars.com Executive Producer
Michael Russo * RUSSO Creative Director Profile
Paul Ruszkowski * Clemson Broadcast Productions Producer Profile
Steve Rutherford * Rutherford Media Group, Inc. President/CEO Profile
Patrick Ryan * Ironprince Television and Film President/CEO Profile
Denise Ryan * Lockheed Martin IS&GS Other
Jini Ryan * USEPA Executive Producer Profile
Tim Rygh * Ryghed Films Other
David Sager * Magnum Global Media Producer
Scott Salik * Carpe Canum Media Executive Producer Profile
Jill Salvino * Freelance Creative Director/Director Creative Director Profile
Paul Sanders * Bestow Productions Owner Profile
Steve Sapka * Sapka Communications President/CEO
Chuck & Jewel Savadelis * Savadelis Films Owner Profile
Avi Savar * Big Fuel Communications, LLC President/CEO Profile
Richard Savino * Freelance Creative Producer Profile
Lynn Saxon * PartnerComm, Inc. Other
Jeff Saxton * N Light N Productions Owner Profile
Tom Schafer * Harley-Davidson Motor Company Other Profile
Craig Schanbacher Taylor Corporation Producer Profile
Elad Schanin * CRC Media Owner Profile
David Schatanoff * D Studios Productions, LLC. Producer Profile
Gregory Schimizzi * WVVH-TV Hamptons Television Owner Profile
Alex Schkrutz * Marsteller Account Executive
William Schleicher * Chadbourne Media Group President/CEO Profile
Ron Schmidt * Hope Media Productions Producer
Ronald Schmidt * Loyola Productions Munich GmbH Producer
Ben Schmidt * Red Circle Agency Writer
Daniel Schmidt * SEE360 Creative Director
Claudia Schneider * Take 3 Productions Producer Profile
Larry Schock * PYEcom Home Video Inc President/CEO Profile
Eric Schulzinger * Lockheed Martin Corp. Director Profile
Evan Schwartz * Innosight Director
Michael Schwartz Loud Communications Producer Profile
Jeff Schwartz * PrimaLux Video Inc. Producer Profile
Lori Schwartz * Walter E. Smithe Custom Furniture Marketing Director
Lynn-dee Schwarz * Sound Transit Producer Profile
Jason Sciavicco * Horizon Entertainment Executive Producer
Steve Scott * Big Hunt Media Executive Producer Profile
Tamara Scurlock Briggs * BET Producer
Steph Sebbag * Big Picture Group Creative Director Profile
Shawn Sedoff * SGS Creative Owner Profile
Mike Seif * Orange TV Other
david serna * David Serna Art Director Profile
Rohan Shand * KLCS-TV Director Profile
Kenneth Shapiro * CDK Productions President/CEO
Vishesh Sharma * Nexus Video Inc Owner Profile
Daniel Shaw * Onboard Media Director
Sharon Shepard-Levine * Twin Star Productions, LLC Producer Profile
Rodney Sherwood * Sherwood Creative President/CEO Profile
B.E. Shiloh * Afroblu Multimedia Director Profile
Steve Shlisky * KTVU Editor Profile
Barbara Sillery * Lagniappe Media Executive Producer
Donald Silverman Silverman Productions Director Profile
Dean Silvers * Twenty-Two Productions, Inc. Producer
Gagan Singh * Fusion Communications Creative Director
Tanya-Marie Singh * Virgin Islands Public Television System Other
Jim Sippel * Willow Creek Coummunity Church Production Manager Profile
Matt Skinner * Skinner Digital Owner
Kolby Slocum * Story Worldwide Executive Producer
David Smeltzer * Kent State University Producer Profile
Brandon Smith * Ball State University Director Profile
Mike Smith * Beard Boy Productions Owner Profile
Liz Smith * Clear Channel Creative Services Group Creative Director Profile
Stephen Smith * Digital Think Tank Owner Profile
Robin Smith * Health and Harmony Media Executive Producer Profile
Kevin M. Smith * Spine3D Owner
Stuart Smith * Tamarisk Media Group Owner Profile
Steve Snider Integrated Media, Inc. President/CEO Profile
Joel Sobelson * G2 Direct and Digital Creative Director Profile
Keith Solomon * Keith Solomon Productions Creative Director Profile
Audrey Sommers * Kasper Studios Executive Producer
Lisa Spagnuolo Melillo * Comcast Federal Newsmakers Producer
Malcolm Spaull * Rochester Institute of Technology Other Profile
Tom Speicher * Penn College Producer
Drew Speier * WBRE-TV Other Profile
Richard Spence * Houzz Producer
Tommy Spencer * Time Warner Cable Producer
Marvin Sperling * F.E.G.S Creative Director Profile
Jesse Springer * Jesse Springer Films Director Profile
Walt Srocki * Srocki Art Studios, Inc. Owner Profile
Corey Stafford * FLIR Systems Inc. Director
Jim Stamos * Jim Stamos Productions Owner Profile
Russ Stanton * BBDO Atlanta Other Profile
Emory Stapleton * TVP Studios, Inc. Production Manager Profile
John Starrs * Starrs Universal Producer Profile
David Stavenow Trans Apparent Director Profile
Dave Steck * Numeric Pictures Executive Producer Profile
Mark Stein * Angle Light LLC Creative Director
Joel Stein Becks Hybrids Editor Profile
Mark Steinberg * Comcast Producer
Michelle Stepney * Disney Destinations, LLC Executive Producer
Rebecca Stetson * Gaiam Executive Producer
Louie Stevens * Films You Feel Director Profile
Jeff Stickles * Martin Bastian Productions Editor
Michael Stoler * New York Real Estate TV, LLC President/CEO Profile
Elam Stoltzfus * Live Oak Production Group Producer Profile
Charlie Stone * Stone Road Director Profile
George Stover * Adventure Productions Producer
Nicolai Strehl * Endesign Inc. Creative Director
Jessica Stuart * Long Story Short.. Jessica Stuart Media Inc President/CEO Profile
John Paul Su * Eight Horses Creative Media, LLC Director Profile
David Such * Such Video Inc. Owner Profile
Valarie Sukovaty * Disneyland Resort Producer Profile
Carl Sundermann * Des Moines Public Schools Producer Profile
Paul Sundick * Paul Sundick Creative Services Editor Profile
Derrik Suter * Answers in Genesis Production Manager Profile
J.C. Svec * JC Svec Producer Profile
Lynne Swartz * Oregon Center for Applied Science Other
Michael Tackett Tackett Studio Other
Terry Tainter * Tainter & Associates Owner
Scott Takeda * Takeda Entertainment, Inc Director Profile
Marilyn Taylor * incredibleMAINE Producer
Cindy Taylor * Jackson Group Interactive Director
Robb Taylor Jekyll and Hyde Creative Director Profile
Pami Teirikari * Pohjantähti-Elokuva Oy Director Profile
Ted Terrenoire * Moon Bounce Media Producer Profile
Liz Thibodeau Thibodeau Media Group Owner Profile
Arlette Thomas-Fletcher * Fruits of The Spirit Productions Director
David Thompson Bloomberg Creative Director Profile
Gerald Thompson * Gerald Thompson Editor
James Thompson * Jim Thompson Productions, Inc. President/CEO Profile
Scott Thompson * My Town Pictures Director Profile
Rick Thompson * Richmarc Productions, Inc. Director
Nick Tietz * Nick Tietz Creative Director
Matt Touchard * ZERMATT President/CEO Profile
Michael Towe * M2 Digital Post Inc. President/CEO Profile
Michael Trainor * Independent Writer Profile
Phil Tripoli * Eclyptic Media, LLC President/CEO
Steve Tucker * Hirschi High School Other
Forrest Tuff One Vision Productions President/CEO Profile
Brett Tuttle * Tuttle Creative Group/Riceland Post Editor
Jay Udavcak * Big Picture, Inc. President/CEO Profile
Trip Uhalt * KXRM-TV Executive Producer
Mark Underkofler * Wild Horses A Film Company Owner
Jim Underwood * Blue Ridge PBS Producer
Tom Ungar * The Ungar Group Creative Director Profile
Jason Van Sickel * Black Olive Media Executive Producer
Michelle Van Valkenburg * Community Medical Centers Director
Ashish Matthew Varghese * Creative Lab Producer
Dale Vaughn * Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc. Producer
Yolanda Vazquez * Maryland Public Television Other
Michaeline Veden Sac State Creative Services Executive Producer Profile
Rudy Vegliante * Green Leaf Productions, Inc President/CEO Profile
Andrew Verderame * truTV Other
Agnes Vertes * Honoring the Righteous, Inc. Producer
Michael Victor * Play Editorial Executive Producer
Frank Vitale * The March of Dimes Foundation Director
Michael Vlasaty Freelance Editor Profile
Chuck Volm * Messianic Vision/It's Supernatural! Editor
Steve Voorhees * Mercer County College - MCTV Cable Television Executive Producer Profile
Lorene Wales Liberty University Other Profile
Bob Wallace * Standard Publishing Marketing Director
Peter Walsh Group 11 Advertising Creative Director Profile
Raymond Walsh * Metro Productions Owner
Frank H. Walters, Jr. Tampa Digital Studios Editor Profile
Locke Wasler * The Schoen Wasler Group Director
David Waterman * Waterman Video Productions Producer
Mitch Waters Studio-120 Account Executive
James Weber * Soluz Films Editor
Jonathan Weitz * Weitz Studios Owner
Marc Wellin * Mothlight Pictures Director
Tammy Wells * Majestic Eagle Productions, LLC Owner Profile
Doug Werby * Ballistic Pictures Inc. Owner Profile
Erik Westby * Bio-Rad Laboratories Producer Profile
Russell Weston * Weston Productions Producer Profile
Richard Weston Smith * Richard Weston Smith President/CEO Profile
Justin Wheelon * Southern City President/CEO Profile
Steve Whiting * Whiting & Co. Entertainment Owner
Dave Whitmore * The Washington State Legislative Video Department Producer Profile
Gabe Wicks * Thomas Nelson, Inc. Producer Profile
Scott Wilhite * Big Sherpa Film Co. Director Profile
Jeff Wilkov * ESPN Producer Profile
Sue Willers State of Michigan Director Profile
Audrey Williams * PSAV Producer
Warren Williams * Skystorm Productions Producer Profile
Jennifer Williams * The Watsons Owner
Tami Willis-Arasli * BETJ Other
Lerone Wilson * Boondoggle Films Owner
Heike Windfelder * SHORT LIST AMERICA Executive Producer Profile
Troy Witt * Take One Productions, Inc. Executive Producer Profile
Timothy Wolfer * Wolfer Productions Producer
Woody Woodhall * Allied Post Audio President/CEO Profile
David Woodworth * The Steve and Kathy Show Production Manager Profile
Pat Wright * Moonlight Communications, Inc. Producer
Johnny Wu * Media Design Imaging Director Profile
Sarah Yarnell * ALP Communications Interactive Creative Director Profile
Brian Yessian * Yessian Music Owner Profile
Michael Yonchenko * Cogent Communications Owner Profile
Creighton Yost * Sears Holdings Executive Producer Profile
Jeremiah Ysip * Thynk Visual Director Profile
Mark Zapico * College for Creative Studies Other Profile
Jon Zietz Think Visual Group, LLC President/CEO Profile
Glenn Zimmerman * Mad Bear Productions President/CEO Profile
James Zons * EZ New Media Owner
Lou Zumek Microsoft Creative Director
Scott Zwygart * John Deere Producer
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